Sep 28 2018

I’ve been playing Living In The Same Place For the Rest Of My Life since 1997 but I’m starting to hate my neighbors, especially the new ones who want everything but don’t want to pay for the HOA fees. Read more

Sep 18 2018

The same EA that is currently under criminal investigation from 15 nations and one US state over their lootbox gambling bullshit?

Sep 7 2018

If their partners are going to bitch about interrupted marketing plans in the face of a 6.7 earthquake, then their partners can go fuck themselves.

Jul 6 2018

The setup with the story kind of reminds me of Wild Arms 2, except that the 3 main characters hook up pretty much immediately after you finish all three of the mandatory intro stories. That’s when the 2nd (fancier opening) kicks in and you now have a party that needs to go grab the awesome war hero dude.

May 18 2018

Can I play Lost Odyssey on a Win 10 machine? I’m thinking about getting a new Sager laptop this summer.

Apr 20 2018

My copy has arrived. Now to figure out which games to purge from my PS4's hard drive.

Mar 26 2018

During high school, my classmates and I installed Counter-Strike on a set of computers in our math teacher’s classroom for a presentation about video game technology that we had later that day. Read more

Mar 17 2018

IIRC, the anime characters that do this usually lose their match like Rock Lee vs Gaara in Naruto. Also, Piccolo lost that fight when he took off his training weights just before his fight. Read more

Mar 16 2018

Or they can also ask their local Service Employees International Union (SEIU) chapter for advice on how to organize.

Mar 11 2018

It makes some boss fights a bit easier because their magic/arcane attacks get nullified.

Mar 10 2018

If people are playing the DLC stuff in Bloodborne, be sure to pick up the Loch Shield in the Research Hall. It is awesome at defending against arcane attacks, but you don’t want to use it to defend against physical attacks. Read more

Mar 6 2018

Where were you when Microsoft went from Xbox to Xbox 360 and now to Xbox One and Xbox One X?

Mar 3 2018

Interestingly enough, I just watched a video about circular airport runway designs from the BBC: