4/12/16 3:01PM

To me it was always about challenging myself and being better than my opponent - as strange as it may sound my motivation was never ever to hurt another person (and I believe that’s true for many fighters). Anyway, I think it’s not for nothing that basically any combat sports has a bunch of rules which exclude Read more

4/12/16 2:58PM

Yes, as a fighter and as a neuroscientist, that procedure is complete BS. I mean first of all there is barely any time between the rounds for a real check-up, secondly you can already be heavily damaged and still able to answer these questions. I would even image that most severe damages would not show *that* quickly, Read more

3/05/16 2:28PM

yes I am sure supposed “everything goes” in a sexist world just served the men well..

3/05/16 2:00PM

I did re-watch Rosemarie’s baby..and oh my god! The male character literally (at least in the german version) says “oh a bit of rapey sex, c’mon just take it ;)“ (after Rosemarie dreams that she has been raped by the devil, and also by her husband) - that freaked me the hell out! Almost felt like Polanski can admit Read more

3/03/16 2:24PM

I often enjoy jezebel, but let me tell you, if you allow yourself to criticize anything jezebel does, the responses are agressive at worst and pseudo arrogant (sorry Kara, but not the first time seeing your “lol” to a perfectly fine criticism) at best

2/29/16 12:21PM

Bingo, I love you for your smart and thought-through answer!

2/28/16 10:16AM

wait. does that mean that at some point men will be able to get pregnant too, or is that way too SciFi?

2/23/16 2:34PM

LOVE IT. I was always encouraged to do whatever I wanted growing up with two very equalitarian parents. I studied math, am about to do my black belt in kickboxing etc. etc. I just did what seemed to me right and challenging. I am always very surprised how few women there are in the fields I enjoy, and I hate to hear Read more

1/31/16 6:03AM

I wish that was true. I see so many unattractive men hitting on super attractive women just because that they have learned that this is what the somehow “deserve” (though, I must say, I wished women would have the some confidence sometimes)

1/30/16 4:20PM

Agree with you, but the notion of “alpha” is conflicted itself. I mean often those who are indeed by most perceived as the alphas (most successful with women, social center) are indeed often very insecure guys - who hence have for instance problems with commitment and need constant attention from women. That is my Read more

1/30/16 3:41PM

you are probably one of the exceptions though, else you wouldn’t be on Jezebel, no? ;)

1/30/16 3:36PM

well, yes. or have you ever heard a guy being told to “dumb down” as women are? humor is also much more appreciated in men, and humor also reflects societal power and intellect..however, it is not the only criterion...clearly men are judged by other criteria and more shallow ones too, which is why the typical cliché Read more

1/30/16 3:17PM

I think men and women do not necessarily want something else - but men already KNOW that they will be appreciated for their intellect - we grow up being taught again and again that smarts is attractive in a guy. For women, however, we learn that we are defined by our (interchangeable and fading) looks, but since we Read more

1/29/16 11:10AM

“Finger-in-the-ass-bitch” is not meant degradingly but is sex positive? Um, okay

1/29/16 11:09AM

no he means that the different exes would unite out of their jealousy of the love between Kim and Kanye

1/27/16 5:34PM

you are right. her tweet is homophobic AND sexist. I penetrated you = I devalued you? wtf wtf Amber...not much better than kanye, sorry