7:02 PM

There’s really only one question that I have after 2+ years of this bullshit: Why? Why are there so many people who are willing to defend this ass clown and his abuse of power? Does he have kompromat on them? Are they in bed with him financially? Are they so afraid of what will happen if the conservative rich white Read more

12:47 PM

As someone who’s done more than a fair amount of business travel, there are two rules for traveling with jewelry. The first: don’t travel with expensive jewelry. The second: if you do, insure your shit. This bitch didn’t do that, so that’s ALL on her. Read more

6:42 PM

That’s the key. I was floored to hear some old white MAGAt hag talk about how “classy” it was to have Melania as FLOTUS. Let’s see, we’ve got an Eastern European “model” with a portfolio of nudes vs. an Ivy League grad with her own successful law career and no nude pics. Then I remembered that for MAGAts, “classy” Read more

6:20 PM

Plus, he went to Catholic school and served in the Navy, two of the three cussing-est organizations in the world Read more

11:59 AM

He is NOT the nice guy people think he is. He accompanied that famous teenage girlfriend to an appointment and whenever she was asked a question, he insisted on answering it. Got to the point where the guy working with Britney basically told him to shut up because he needed HER to answer the questions, not him. Read more

2:26 PM

I posted a comment on The Root the other day and got a trolly MAGAt response about how much better FatAss is as a president vs. Obama. I don’t believe in bringing the trash inside the house so it’s staying in the grays. Read more

2:11 PM

My sister is of the same mind as your wife. For her, the traditional cranberry sauce is for Thanksgiving dinner proper, whereas the stuff in the can is for turkey sandwiches post-Thanksgiving because it’s easy to slice and slap on the bread.

12:19 PM

Funny you should say that, as I noticed there’s been no Bark Bag since Friday. 

6:47 PM

I’ve had more positive than negative experiences with Alaska but I think a lot had to do with the route I was flying, which was usually LAX to SJD. It’s been a while but I believe it’s a daily flight (maybe twice daily during winter but I don’t remember), and because it’s going to Cabo, everyone was in vacation mode Read more

3:26 PM

I once was on a week-long familiarization trip for a French hotel company, visiting their hotels in Cannes and Deauville. Breakfast was the only meal of the day where there was no alcohol involved, although I’m sure it would have been available if anyone had asked for it. There’s a reason though why no one asked, and Read more

1:53 PM

Here’s the question, though: would you be more embarrassed to have a president who pretended to play the piano with his dong on TV or Fat Bastard 45? Pretending to play the piano with your dick during a comedy routine is pretty bad, but then I think about the time the Turd walking up to AF1 with toilet paper stuck to Read more

1:47 PM

I think even Taylor has reached the exhaustion point, just looking at some of his reactions when being questioned by the GOPers. There were all a variation of, “Are you kidding me with this shit?” Also a little “Fuck, I should have listened to my wife.”