3:46 PM

My brother (who is Black) went through a long phase in which he thought lotion was “girly” and didn’t use it, but my mother and I were like “we can see that you’re ashy. Don’t you itch? Just use the lotion!” Now they market lotion to men, which I think makes him feel a little better. Read more

3:42 PM

When your racist followers claim this trick is high class compared to Forever First Lady Michelle Obama, her tacky ass soft core porn shots are fair game. Of course, what do you expect from a spray cheese covered lazy fuck with a big ego and tiny...accomplishments. 

9:11 AM

Putting aside all of the illegal and potentially treasonous things the president has done and that the GOP is desperate to defend him over, it’s easy to lose sight of how batshit insane it is for the president of the United States to treat American citizens like this. I mean, in a world where things mattered, we might Read more

11:39 AM

Don’t forget, that teenage girlfriend was also definitely experiencing a lot of untreated mental illness at the time.

11:07 AM

While I’m sure Timberlake is not a faithful husband, the wedding ring thing is probably an entirely superfluous detail. If he’s currently playing some kind of role, I would suspect that he’s taken off the ring for the duration of production (assuming he normally wears one). 

10:45 AM

He tries SO HARD to show how solid his relationship with Jessica Biel is. To me, that screams insecurity. The gestures on Instagram, the long poetic posts....and this MOTHERFUCKER made a career on the infidelity mistakes his teenage girlfriend made. Its sickening. Read more

11:32 AM

It’s not because the pie is a gift but more because the pie is hidden. It falls under the good brown liquor rules. Everyone can get a spot of E&J, but the Henny? It’s hidden until I offer it to you. And when I do offer it you, shut the fuck up and keep it on the hush.

6:58 PM

I’m an Angeleno-good luck in this endeavor. Though I will say, you’ll spend most of your time indoors and it’s humid AF so it’ll feel warmer than it actually is outside. And by warmer I mean 50 degrees instead of 45. Read more

5:42 PM

The conservative trolls started years ago, back in the first years of Obama, in fact. And there’s always an influx before a Presidential election and a lighter but noticeable increase before midterms. Read more

11:34 AM

I’ve also recently been bombarded with replies from trolls who seem to think that my comment history indicates that I’m a dumb bitch who is racist against Asian people. It’s very strange and all the dismissing is getting tedious, especially when so many valid commenters have vanished from these sites. (Not sad Tomato Read more

1:34 PM

As I tell my wife every year: Both types have a place and how can you not enjoy the ridiculousness of the canned shape blob on the table.

1:11 PM

I’d like to make a submission for Easter as worst holiday. I get guilted in to a marathon mass with.....ham to look forward to afterwards.  Oh and it’s about that time of year the allergies start hitting.

10:05 AM

And if this fuckery actually got to the actress, Meryl Streep would be like “Boy, what? She’s Black. What?” Julia Roberts might actually have gone for it AND been stank about it when she got called out. You think Scarlett Johansson’s “I should be able to play any tree I want!” was bad ... Read more

4:33 PM

I think he just went to the morgue to get his bronzer done right. Morticians are pros.

5:43 PM

United pushed back one of our connecting departures for an international flight in 2017. This was not a last minute change, but something I noticed a month or so before our scheduled flight - they didn’t send out a notification or anything. Read more