Suck That Pussy Like The Dracula

I know. That was my point all along. She can't just assume her son is gay if he hasn't said so. Read more

I didn't say that. It wasn't a response to her son supposedly being gay Read more

Asking a pretty logically sound question is trolling? Read more

Anything you got to say for yourself? Read more

No, because it's generally seen that Christians who use the English word "God" still shouldn't do say it freely. Read more

Not going away till you prove it. Read more

Lies until proven otherwise ;) Read more

But how did you figure it out? What gave it away? You're right, I'm not a parent, so I'm very curious. How are you certain you're not just imposing a sexual orientation on him? Read more

Oh really? Then who is my favorite musical artist/band. Read more

...What? I was only asking how you know your son is gay when he has never told you that. That's all. Read more

Haha! So you do remember me. :) Of course you do, since I always leave a lasting impression. Read more

So wait... you don't actually know if he's gay. He has never told you and I assume you've never asked. Oh, then this was all just a big misunderstanding. Nah, your son's straight. :) Read more

How would you describe w33zy-b4by as a person? Read more

I don't know, but I don't see why it wouldn't be somewhat possible of being attributed to all sorts of personalities. Because it's not like you're always happy or always loving, for example. If humans are capable of this, why wouldn't deities be? Read more

I was referring to people, not gods. After all, it's humans who carry out these actions. Read more