And all this time I though it was a disembodied voice projected by sheer willpower from Sakurai. Read more

I still get angry every time I think about the fact that she didn't name the site "Lively". I mean, it's right there! Read more

The clothes were simply the mask which let your cajones arise. Read more

I'm guessing the reward for each question was reduced by roughly 20% as well. Read more

One where the term "female" and "cum dumpster" are interchangeable, apparently. I'm a straight dude and this list offends the hell out of me. Read more

Then suddenly, he appears when a monitor shows one of the Fukushima reactors. If you get bored with the show, you can always look for the cat. Read more

I always thought of that old-style pikachu as being more like a large potato with legs and tail, than any sort of mouse. Read more

It's been one of those weeks. :/ Read more

There is only one way to approach this game. And that's properly.

I know this looks nothing like the original. But the original had a formula you simply couldn't repeat. This actually looks...cool. We usually see monster movies from the top-down, but this looks like one from the ground-up. Read more

Zombie Pooh Thirsts For Brains, Not Honey Read more

I'm Norwegian and we alternate between ransel and ryggsekk (backpack).
Ransel is usually used when referring to backpacks used by schoolchildren, but not exclusively.

Well, that's how it is in the North of Norway. Don't know what the imbeciles down in the South of Norway call it. Read more

Finally some thought invoking rap. Read more

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