I had about the same reaction when I started sleeping without any curtains and waking up with the sun shining brightly directly into my eyes and it was glorious. However, I've moved since then to a place where I only get sunlight in the evening, so this sounds like a wonderful solution. Thanks! Read more

You could always defend with "They asked for it!", it's the perfect non-crime-but-still-kind-of-a-crime! Read more

Well, yeah, that's what I was referring too. Een pak slaag/ransel, is a phrase I've used/heard being used before. Read more

I am Dutch and have never in my life heard the word "ransel" being used as a substitute for backpack, only as a word to describe physical punishment. The more you know! Read more

Throwing them behind you usually helps with the blowing-oneself-up aspect of your problem. Read more

"Crazy German" made me laugh, though it's actually a pretty good description, I suppose? Obviously, the languages share their roots, as they do with Danish and Swedish. (not sure about Norwegian. Finnish is.. Finnish.) Languages are what I love most about living in Europe, I think. All these different languages so Read more

First off, I'd like to thank you for shedding some light on this situation. It's really interesting to read people their own experiences on matters like this.
I suppose it makes sense that the mother and child would have a different kind of bond, based on instinct. Participation of both parents would logically seem Read more

Thank you very much for your insightful response! I've done some self-reflection after reading your comment and I think I'm guilty of still shifting my focus. I guess that is also due to my parents being like water and fire. There's just certain things I go to my dad for and others to my mom. (Both, however, are good Read more

I'm crying like a little baby. This was beautiful! I love how it was so very simple, yet moving. It does somehow give off a vibe that there's a barrier between the mother-and-child team and the father though? I don't have children myself, so I'm not sure what that dynamic is like.
Also, congratulations on your third Read more

Well, yes and no. The narrator is speaking Dutch. The reporter and farmers are speaking what I'd say is French or a form of it. Read more

For some reason my earlier comment doesn't seem to have been published, but you're actually right, too! The reporter and the farmers speak French, but the narrator speaks Dutch. Read more

Well, the reporter speaks French, as do the farmers, and the narrator speaks Dutch. So you were kind of right! Read more

I have caught myself not being able to remember a word in Dutch, but knowing it in English or other languages. It feels like betrayal to be honest! Read more

Well, no. I suppose that was a very unlucky choice of words on my part. But I don't know. I found it more of a "Hey, look at these people trying something for the first time, even though they've been farming the main ingredient for generations." type of video.

Of course poverty is not a cheerful thing, but judging Read more

I don't think this came off as preachy. All in all, it's a very cheerful video. The underlying message, of course, is something many people don't want to think about or are afraid to think about. It's all in the little things, after all. Whether it's tasting chocolate for the first time or being able to read an Read more

Sweet baby West, these posts are hilarious. All the Mean Girls moments too! Might have to play this.

Never thought I'd see EXO fanart on Kotaku. Quite pleased, to be honest.
I love this trend though. What better way to celebrate years of (not so) hard work with loony costumes and fun with your friends?

One of the most appropriate uses of that scene that I've come across. Read more