Well teens weren't doing any of that stuff prior to 2008, so you gotta commend her for laying the blame where it belongs.

Bristol got preggers in spite of all her good holy intentions because of Obama. Of course! Plain as the Russian coastline on a clear Alaskan day.

A woman who originally had a unique name: My name was too hard/long and his was simple so I took his. Read more

That’s the thing, there is no perfect solution. Except for my friend whose last name is Sun married a guy whose last name is Sun. They totally win.

The argument that you’re still propping up the patriarchy because it’s your dad’s name hits my rage button like nothing else. The implication is that it’s somehow impossible for a woman to have a name that actually belongs to her. Screw that—it’s my name, it’s been my name since birth, it’s gonna stay my name till the Read more

I used to tell my husband’s family I didn’t change my name because it would be too much hassle to change it back after the divorce. I loved seeing the looks on their faces!

same! my friend recently said to me “it will be confusing for everyone if I don’t have the same last name as my kids.” I was like “were you confused when you met my mom? who has a different last name than me?”

My decision to keep my last name is like 10% feminism/identity and 90% “eh who cares why bother with with paperwork”.

It’s not for everyone, but here’s a solution: friends of mine married and kept their last names. Gave child #1 husband’s last name, gave child #2 wife’s last name. For me personally having a single last name doesn’t “make or break” a family. My kiddo doesn’t have my last name and in this day and age it’s really no Read more

OMG seriously? That’s awesome/horrible, depending on how drunk she was and what your relationship is like.

Same here. I’ve had my name for 41 years already, and given that I’m single, there’s a good chance I’ll have it for more years to come. Having one name until middle age and then abruptly changing it upon marriage just seems so weird to me. My name is intricately bound to my identity due to my having had it for so Read more

It’s MY name and I shouldn’t have to give it up. To all the idiots who point out it’s my dad’s name—I was born with it and it’s mine. I’m willing to name children with my partner’s name—but I will not change mine.

I’ve thought about this long and hard and have come up with a solution that I think works. You keep your name, for example ‘smith’ and he keeps his name e.g ‘davis’. When you had a girl her last name would be ... Davis-Smith, and a boy would be ... Smith-Davis. Everyone has there name in there somewhere and if you Read more

You know, I actually don’t think this idea is as crazy as people like to pretend (similarly, having a different last name from your mom is not traumatic, people — I promise, I did it). I have friends who are doing it and it really hasn’t been a big deal at all.

Me neither. I don’t understand the whole “we aren’t a family” thing without one name. Who cares. We are a family; we’re the Myname-Hisnames.

“Good! Don’t take his name. By the 3rd or 4th wedding it’s just a hassle.” Read more

Sometimes its not about being religious or feminism, its about all the hassle paperwork required to change your name on .every.single.FREAKING.DOCUMENT

All that loss of control during pregnancy is practice for being a parent. Zero control. It's all an illusion.

I hated being pregnant worse than anything in my life. It actually boggles my mind how people could *not* hate it. Literally the only good part for me was the kicks, but that wasn’t nearly enough to make it enjoyable. Read more