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10:48 AM

Oh wow, thanks for that nice little prayer. Mad me feel REAL better today. I guess you don’t give two shits about all of the innocent people that live around him. I live 20 minutes from him with my family and 10 month old baby and praying to God that we’re all kept safe. But hey I guess fuck us all because destroying Read more

10:13 AM

You can fuck all the way off with that shit. You know who would be hurt by that? Not Trump or the rich people who live there. Just the thousands (or millions) of normal people who live along that path. Many of them already struggling just to get by. Fuck your wish fulfillment. Read more

4:31 PM

Today is Sun. 18 Aug. 2019. How are You doing? Is post-surgery recovery & rehabilitation going okay? Hope You’re feeling better. Regards, Allan Smitheel

8:07 PM

I would argue that it is less Juul’s fault and the blame for the epidemic should be placed on the retailers selling the product to underaged individuals. The only reason the FDA is going after Juul is because local municipal areas seem unable or unwilling to police there areas. If this product is going to be yanked Read more

1:41 PM

Have to agree. I would say without a doubt that Juul is pioneering and innovating something that has never ever been done before. I AM NOT advocating for Juul as a company, I just think this at least seems like they are trying to do the right thing....regardless of the drivers of doing it. Read more

2:48 PM

Hey Friend :-) Wow. That’s mind-blowing. Am very glad You made it . Didn’t know You had such serious health issues/problems. Coupla years ago, I was also in serious health decline due to cancer but also avoided death. Welcome Back. Life is good. & Best with/Your medical malpractice suit. If you ever wanna “talk”or Read more

2:48 PM

Dangit! If I didn’t have a meeting in ten minutes I’d definitely be walking over to Publix right now. Fine, I’ll wait until I’m on the way home. Harrumph!

8:37 AM

“Either set the device to 17KHz to disperse groups of troublesome teenagers OR set it to 8 KHz to disperse people of any age from areas where loitering can be an issue such as subway terminals [...]” Read more

12:35 AM

GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show! I mean, look at you, look at the way you’re dressed! You’ve turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a colossal waste of time!

I mean, how old are you people? What have you done with yourselves?

You, you Read more

8:06 PM

I am pretty sure that Quentin Tarantino is one of the last filmmakers who would need to concoct some nonsense stunt to drum up business for his movie, especially one co-headlined by DiCaprio and Pitt.

5:08 PM

Why the first sentence with the links? Someone is threatening violence on employees and the public. How are other people’s past behavior (that you linked) related? Unless you’re saying you feel that past behavior was the cause of the current threats? Read more

1:48 PM

Y’know, I’m not usually one to say, “These nerds need to get a life,” but these nerds need to get a life. 

1:07 PM

My favorite category of dumb question always has to do with the menu.  So, a question like “is the chicken soup vegan,” or “is the bread bowl gluten free.”  And I know there can be extenuating circumstances for this one, but the ol’ standby of asking for vegan options at a steakhouse or “the best thing without fish” Read more

11:05 AM

Tell that to a decent chunk of the Carolinas. Mustard based sauce in a frightful yellow.

My bigger issue with the white sauce is its got horse radish in it. Which doesn’t immediately leap to mind when I’m thinking about what’ll be good on chicken. None the less smoked chicken. But to be fair to Alabama. That is less Read more

10:24 AM

Its counting blocked items, which includes things like borders and blocks of colors that go around ads. It’s not unusual for a single ad to have 5-10 items blocked. That said, it's still a pretty fair way to count ads blocked as each of those items load separately and use data accordingly.

9:28 AM

This is ridiculous everyone knows that the Phillie Phanatic is a bird and that birds are bipedal.