Poignant Theater
Jan 14 2019

Travie McCoy pays a visit to Daryl’s House where they cover a great old tune by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, “Wake Up Everybody”.

Nov 12 2018

I don’t listen to the stones much anymore. But this album is 50 this week. Jigsaw puzzle...

Oct 18 2018

Yeah, I agree with you. There tends to be a lot of bias against awful officials, and rightfully so; they deserve increased scrutiny and lack the benefit of the doubt. Read more

Oct 18 2018

I think the replay official made the right call because you absolutely can not say that the ball is over the yellow line when the play happens. But did West make the right call? It’s really close either way. Much too close for him to be so certain. The fact that West handled the press conference poorly should surprise Read more

Oct 18 2018

The key to tell where the fan’s hands are is that crease in the orange padding. Right before it is where the collision happens, although not exactly since it’s not a straight ahead shot, but it’s only off by a bit.

Aug 28 2017

So you have a problem with the zombie dragon breathing fire after damage to its imaginary fire glands, but you don’t have a problem with skeleton zombies being able to move without any muscles?