Poignant Theater
Jun 20 2019

I firmly believe that this blog exists solely as a conduit for Barry to introduce the name Tampontreal.... which I am fine with.

May 10 2019

What will the Daniel Jones NFL/New York experience will look like by the end of his rookie deal? Bonus points for drawing Simmons-esque comps to television shows.

May 10 2019

Will anything fundamentally change about NCAA athletics in light of the recent FBI investigations and trials? Or does the NCAA try to pull the same performative bullshit that it always does, and make an extreme example out of “one bad apple” (in this case, likely Sean Miller), ignore all the other big name programs Read more

Jan 10 2019

Lauren wrote an article about him 3 days ago. It is linked to in the 2nd graf above. This article is basically an update to say- “see why I f’ing told you guys to watch this awesome player?”, complete with cool highlights. In the previous article she went into more detail about the good defensive efforts that have Read more

Nov 12 2018

One of those 3 early P12 losses was @ Arizona in a game that you can pretty much squarely put on McIlwain. Cal’s defense gave up 13 1st downs and 265 yds of total offense for the entire game. McIlwain had 3 INTs and a lost fumble. 2 of the INTs were pick 6s. Cal lost 24-17.

Oct 18 2018

You did the heavy lifting with the screen shots here, so I’ll add on to your post. To me its mind boggling that everyone seems so self-assured that this ball is clearly in the stands. You simply can’t tell from these angles. Read more

Aug 7 2018

Hello, I have the honor/distinction of having the first reader question that you answered in this series. As an update, we didn’t force the kid to continue playing, which drove her older sister to immediately request taking over the guitar and lessons and she has been killing it! As an added bonus, it has made her to Read more

Jun 13 2018

This is candid, introspective, engaging, and bittersweet with nuggets of comedy (thanks to the parties involved) to balance some of the pathos. While you might not be proud of some of the behaviors displayed and decisions made, you can certainly be proud of this thoughtful account. I hope you do get a chance to sit Read more

Feb 20 2018

Practice Update- thanks to Paul for answering my question and it seems to have fostered other discussion here in the comments as well. We had been doing a blend of Strategy 1 & 2 with the 8 yo. Basically making sure that she gave it a shot and practicing daily, but trying not to force her too much. Not long after I Read more

Feb 20 2018

They had him on right after the SB and asked him if Philly should trade Foles. He said absolutely and when they asked what they should be looking for in return, he said that if he were GM he’d be looking for “an RG3-like trade package”. Read more

Dec 5 2017

Not for nothing, but the league and networks are also playing a huge role in this by continually showcasing these games. I’m too lazy to look this up, but it seems like every single year we have a Steelers-Bengals game in a primetime slot. Sure, they have been competitive teams in recent years, but let’s not kid Read more

Sep 15 2017

Best bar/parlor sports? Pool, darts, foosball, shuffleboard? Strong takes preferred.

Aug 25 2017

In a video filled with unexpected twists and bizarre behavior, the absolute most shocking aspect of the video is that our co-star is drinking a Lagunitas IPA and not a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita.