Probably Not Moriarty

They didn’t “miss” something the person didn’t ask for. 

Apr 3

Maybe I’m a piece of shit, but I think the HOA is being reasonable here. They have a policy regarding RVs in their community. The nurse and her husband chose to violate that policy without reaching out to the HOA in advance. HOA enforced their policy. Nurse and husband reached out to the HOA, which told them that they Read more

Feb 13

But then, days or weeks later, you realize you are driving around in a 12 year old Chevy Cobalt BY CHOICE and you have an existential breakdown.

Feb 3

I believe Ferrari has a very clear foreign policy. It is simply "perform poorly in every possibly country"

Jan 24

Giving up after five days?  That doesn’t sound like something a winner would do.

Jan 24

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but ~22k USD for a 91k mile is in the lower range of price:miles for a B7 RS4 compared to offerings in the US. Read more

Jan 22

Yeah, why in the world are there so many people who enjoy driving but don’t enjoy this other thing that is not driving? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Jan 15

How do you not save the title Bad Boys 4 Life until the fourth movie!?! Come on Hollywood get your shit together.