Probably Not Moriarty
Oct 22

Does anyone know the color code for Forest Service Green?  Manufacturer or Pantone or anything?  I have an old F250 I plan to paint in FS green.

Oct 19

Bingo.  I’m in a Subaru now.  Was looking at double-cab Tacomas.  Decided to dip my toe in the 4Runner market.  I’m back to looking at Tacomas.  There’s an easy $10k difference between models with the same year, miles and comparable trim.

Sep 4

I’m all for it.  But those entitled assholes will just compare it to the DHS no-fly list and claim airlines are calling them terrorists and taking away their rights.  SMDH.

Aug 12

Significantly less dramatic than I was expecting. I may be biased, given the number of “EPIC NURBURGRING FAILS!!!!1!” videos I watch on YouTube. Read more

Aug 4

Would you be OK with a tire construction that at some point the rubber wears away to something with no grip, but that layer is substantial enough to maintain the tire integrity and inflation? Read more