3:38 PM

This event has all the cultural relevance of a butter churning contest wearing a poke bonnet.
I can’t believe they still twirl fucking batons, either.

2:16 PM

No matter how you change the rules, it will always be about that. And I know that and they know that. These women know what a pageant is, it’s just that they know they can win. And if the entire enterprise of femininity is fucked, then why not find ways to win where you can? Why not capitalize on it and earn a little Read more

4:44 PM

Yes! And also, this article is basically saying “sure, this likely sexist thing is most likely happening to this woman, but complaining about it isn’t a good look, so she should stop”...pretty disappointing and lame.

4:34 PM

Sanders’ comments that being a woman is a liability somehow turning into a problem for Warren [kisses fingers] I mean that is some primo top shelf horse shit. Read more

4:22 PM

Well, she’s paid for her missteps more than anyone else, hell she even paid for Sander’s mistep (a woman can’t win.) The media HAS taken its focus off of her no doubt, she’s not getting positive coverage at all. Hell, this is a “supposedly” feminist site, and the loudest political blogger here, has been writing Read more

3:08 PM

Yes, although much like with the whole “free speech!” argument when people say shitty and or racist/sexist things, you can say whatever you want, or in this case, you can defend your client as aggressively as possible, technically doing your job. But that sure as hell does not spare you from being roasted, criticized Read more

3:01 PM

“New York common sense”? Fuck off, Rotunno. NY common sense says that men like this are dangerous schmucks.

5:35 PM

Thank you. If we the people choose to forget ALL THE EVIDENCE that came forward during the House’s trial, then we the people are idiots who deserve every horrible thing because we choose not the act. We already did that in 2016, we need to learn and not repeat the terrible parts of history in 2020. Read more

5:27 PM

Mitt Romney is literally the first Senator in US history to vote to convict of a President of their own party. Its never happened before. Anyone who says Impeachment is anything other than a political kabuki dance was delusional. 

5:22 PM

But I mean... we all knew this would happen, right? I am not even upset about this because it was always going to be this way. Read more