11:22 PM

Obama was President, when that meant something (as opposed to now, with the lazy corrupt racist orange santorum-covered enemy of the people currently occupying the Oval Office). Read more

10:28 PM

Please please please let perfect be the enemy of the good #winningstrategies

10:17 PM

Or it’s possible Obama knows firsthand that the majority of the country is moderate? A majority of the Democratic party even. So he thinks that getting the votes of a) moderate Democrats, b) independents, and c) Trump voters who voted for him in 2012 (about 13% of Trump voters) will take a more moderate candidate than Read more

7:42 PM

omg, like, THANKS OBAMA!!! amirite? also, shouldn’t this this be crossposted at Breitbart / Stormfront?

6:01 PM

It’s one thing to see the misleading NTY’s tweet misquoting him and then firing off angry reactionary tweets, but it’s another to have the full context of his statement and still decide to sit down and write about it and pretend he said something he never said. Read more

5:32 PM

Reality bites. This is our reality. Either you vote for the person who is living in reality or you vote for the person who is selling you a pipe dream. Read more

5:25 PM

People don’t understand what the ACA cost Obama and the Democrats. They had 59 seats (with the Independents) in the Senate and a 79 seat majority in the house. Even with this massive advantage they couldn’t get a public option through the Senate and ended up passing the ACA in the senate with a 50-50 tie broken by Joe Read more

5:11 PM

Agreed. I don’t see Obama backing down here, I see him handholding a bunch of wealthy liberal donors whose liberalism is so shaky that the prospect of a tax on even a miniscule portion of their wealth may send them fleeing across the aisle. If cozening these people is the way to keep them in the boat, roll on, Mr. Read more

5:02 PM

The Democrats can’t do anything unless they get elected. And not just the White House, because if the GOP still controls the Senate after the 2020 election, Moscow Mitch will block every bill and every judicial nomination that comes along from a Democratic president and Democratic House. From someone living in the Read more

12:27 PM

My family moved to Los Angeles because we realized we had run out of country when we saw the ocean. Following the collapse of South Vietnam, my family settled in Missouri. My dad, who had completed his chemical engineering degree in Vietnam, but found that he had to do it all over again to be recognized as a chemical Read more

4:24 PM

My guess is that a Sarah Dessen book (or something similar) had been chosen before, prompting this student to join the committee to ensure that something like this didn’t happen again. Same for your AP Lit teacher—I bet someone (or possibly multiple people) wanted to do their paper on Harry Potter or some other Read more

4:14 PM

This reminds me of when Nicholas Sparks said he doesn’t write romance novels and that he was actually the natural successor to Hemingway, Shakespeare, and Euripides. (I’m 100% serious about this.)

3:55 PM

Yeah, idk, I’m kind of annoyed at everyone in this situation. Like, on the one hand, if you’re a public figure, you’ve got to deal with some criticism. On the other hand, I’m also puzzled as to why that college student was so afraid that one of Sarah Dessen’s books would get picked? Like, I feel like most people would Read more