11/21/18 11:02AM

Yikes. It seems like Ringwald had a pretty nuanced take on 80s culture, but Maher is basically an old man reading a clickbait headline on Facebook and rolling his eyes about political correctness run amok. God forbid she gets to publicly discuss her own filmography without being cast as a virtue-signaling busybody. Do Read more

11/18/18 4:54PM

I for one like this show quite a bit and enjoyed this article and coverage of the fight. I like when The Good Place is intentionally goofy. If someone *cough cough* doesn’t like it then maybe fork off with your dumbash opinion and don’t click on it, then comment and suck all the air out of the room. It’s pathetic.

11/16/18 9:53PM

I don’t know, Topher Grace works for the kind of Eddie Brock they were going for: a vividly close dark mirror of Peter. That shouldn’t be what Eddie Brock is, but they cast the role the way it was written for the movie, and they got what they wanted IMO. Similar to Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor.

11/16/18 11:51AM

Phase two, he said, involves an articulation. “What are the behaviors that are more prevalent than others?” he asked. “What are the differences and similarities between them? What are the patterns?” Read more

11/16/18 11:36AM

Despite what all the yahoos on here will say, the woman from the Ansari story was not raped or sexually assaulted. She admitted up front that everything was consensual and that he did ultimately stop when she asked him to. However,the bigger issue that piece hit on was that A). there’s clearly a huge grey area between Read more

11/15/18 4:55PM

Lorenzo Music who voiced Garfield also voiced Venkman who was played by Bill Murray in the movie who also voiced Garfield in the movie.

11/15/18 4:30PM

Casket shmasket, I want the plastic foil they found Laura Palmer in. I would wrap myself in it, lie down close to the fire water reservoir (for lack of scenery here) and wait for a crying deputy.

11/15/18 2:11AM

Why is there not more freaking out about the fact Megan Forking Amran is writing one of these. Sweet.

11/14/18 9:14PM

First Jack Reacher was good though? And lead to a reinvigorated Mission Impossible franchise. Shut up.

11/14/18 9:14PM

Yeah... I'm starting to think he wasn't the best fit for this. Jody Whittaker on the other hand is fantastic. 

11/11/18 7:10PM

Well, they were right to boo him. After all, the Iraq invasion only lasted a few weeks, with Iraq quickly becoming a prosperous democracy. Sure, if the war was still going, and the thousands of civilian deaths had inspired a wide variety of violent organizations bent on killing as many people as possible while they Read more

11/06/18 12:08AM

My Adam Driver Translator - ‘Ok, I’m kind of intense and not always the guy making everybody laugh. I support the idea of fun. I’m introverted. I’m not a dick about it. I like people. I like my job. I do my job. You know who I’m not? Jared Leto.’ Read more

11/05/18 3:00AM

I gave that post a thorough scan with my Sarcasmodetector X2000 and the needle was all over the place, no chance in hell I’m getting a lock on it.

11/04/18 9:38PM

I don’t want to keep being negative, but man, I wish Chibnall would let someone else write episodes. He just isn’t that great at it. Were 5 episodes in, and there hasn’t been a great episode yet (I liked Rosa a lot-didn’t love it). Not a great track record for a 10 episode series.

11/04/18 11:29AM

No, not weird and I can sincerely identify with your feelings. I play the tabletop war game Warhammer and for about a year I was so overwhelmed with the quantity of miniatures I had to acquire and paint, that I was really resentful of the hobby and its creators. My snide remark above is mean-spirited, but it’s also Read more