11/21/18 5:31AM

Yeah, it means “we heard the complaints”. This title probably indicates that she’s gonna stop being abused by the Joker. Which - good. I doubt they’ll handle it well though.

11/21/18 5:16AM

I stayed with Windows 7 for many years now. It’s really great, I barely ever have problems with it. 10 looks like shit to me. Their idea that they should move closer to what a phone looks like is stupid.

11/20/18 7:28PM

I watched this because it was suggested to me by YouTube. Thanks, YouTube. I hate Maher. He’s a fucking bully, and people dare to deny his right to be a bully. So he spins out.

11/19/18 10:42AM

I used to love the first Cody Banks because I was in love with Hilary Duff. And at times it was kind of a fun kids movie. The second one... not so much. But good for Anthony Anderson, finally not being in shitty movies and having his own beloved sitcom.