Jun 14

Why would you assume this has the original engine when nothing else is original?  Porsche flat sixes fit well.

Apr 6

I thought about making something myself for a second, but I don’t have a sewing machine and wouldn’t trust myself to hand stitch anything. I’m sure it’s not terribly difficult, but I’ve literally never sewn anything in my life. Would fabric glue work as well as stitching?

Apr 3

Not just skipping it, but not having any thematic equivalent to it, which honestly completely destroys one of the key points of the story. Even if you don’t have the battle, you can do something. Just the bit where the hobbits come home and Sam finds that someone has cut down the Party Tree and just left it laying Read more

Apr 3

Yeah, the excising of the Scouring of the Shire really burned my cookies back when RotK came out.

Mar 19

I’m fairly sure Fracan knows that. The S3 is basically an Audi Golf R. So if the Golf R got the RS3 motor, then who would buy the S3? 

Mar 11

Probably not from this one, but I’ve long thought that something like this will be the way the world ends.

Mar 9

He shouldn’t apologize for that 9/11 tweet. That shit is true.

Mar 5

It’s not gonna blow you away, but at around 250hp and with air suspension it’s a fun choice. Comes in around the upper $20's lower 30's lightly used

Mar 5

VW Alltrack is my default compromise car. Spice it up with an APR tune (with warranty!) and watch it do everything pretty okay.

Mar 4

If you cover up from head to toe, you either be smothered by your own heat, or enough heat will leak out to make you detectable. Thermodynamics doesn’t allow much middle ground that keeps you cool and has no emitted heat, except for a very limited duration. Read more

Mar 3

“Behind the Curve.” That documentary was great. I loved when they bought a $20,000 gyroscope to prove the Earth was flat and it kept proving it to be round.

Feb 17

Force ghosts have a distinct visual language, I agree, this is a question that watching any of the other movies with a force ghost will answer. 

Jan 22

It annoys me that people bring up about Luke’s crack in TRoS about treating a Jedi’s weapon with more respect, refuting his actions in the beginning of TLJ. Read more