The Bassline From Ennio Morricone's Score for The Thing (1982)
12/13/18 12:16PM

There are already numerous walls and fences and barriers along the border. In reality, Trump’s wall would look like extensions of already existing cordons, as well as more money for Border Patrol, drone surveillance, etc. It wouldn’t be something separating the North from fucking Westeros, like he probably envisions Read more

12/12/18 11:25AM

You’re right, of course, but it goes back even farther than that! These people are the new Priesthood. Espousing “obvious” reductions and truths only they are qualified to assess -naturally- establishing their own hierarchies, lateral to the current status quo’s, etc. Anthropologically speaking, this has been Read more

12/03/18 4:13PM

Kiiiind of an aside, but: It’s weird how much Twitter is crammed down our throats. It has <68 million active users in the US, and <400m worldwide. That’s big! And of course plenty more people read (or read about) tweets- I’m not at all saying it’s a small platform. But we are getting a fuzzy view on the sheer number Read more