10/03/20 5:46AM

Another great benefit of the watch is that I can roam around in my house or office (without my phone) and not worry that I might be missing some important call or message.

10/03/20 4:00AM

My watches range from extremely simple and durable mechanical pieces to HAQ watches that are accurate within two seconds a year. Right now I’m rocking a Russian made Vostok Komandierski with a 24-hour dial, and a genuine 200 m of water resistance. Tomorrow, maybe one of my solar, radio controlled G-Shocks, or an Read more

10/03/20 3:09AM

I think there’s a subscription-rate for the service, along with pretty hefty fee / fine for actually using it (think $300,000 - 400,000) Read more

10/02/20 11:38PM

Yup! They’re called GPS satellite communicators (sometimes referred to as “distress beacons.”) They’re pretty popular with hikers / spelunkers / mountain-climbers / etc...basically, if you’re incapacitated and in a remote area, you hit a single button. The device finds it’s location with GPS, automatically contacts Read more

10/02/20 11:27PM

Right? The first thought that came to mind when I saw this post was, “I should just go Reply with “No.””

10/02/20 8:37PM

I came here to say the exact same thing. A 🌟 for you kind stranger. Read more

10/02/20 7:17PM

Sorry.  You should tell me to do better things. : P

9/02/20 5:51PM

My parents are not super-rich, but we grew up poor, and my Mom knows how to squeeze a penny like nobody else.

She is now quite wealthy, and still won’t buy a soda out of a vending machine because it’s a rip-off. Read more

9/02/20 5:37PM

I blame the TGI Friday’s test kitchen executive chef (a prepaid cellphone that Guy Fieri texts recipes to while high on whippets)“ Read more

9/02/20 4:07PM

That’s the problem Trump has had his entire life, and it is now visited on his children, their spouses or whatever, etc. Read more

9/02/20 3:27PM

Fran Lebowitz said Trump was a poor person’s idea of a rich person and that goes for women as well.

9/02/20 1:37PM

And that’s how you keep money.  My mom has a cousin with money.  They have a nice house with a pool but that’s it.  Their kids went to good schools but they are not into the race to buy this and that to show other people that they have money.

9/02/20 1:09PM

Agreed, with some exceptions for levels of celebrity. Worked in the Ruth Chris attached to the Grand Hyatt, next to the theaters for a few years, so we’d get sports teams, bands, and then a fairly standard smattering of more well to do business folks and leisure travelers. Read more

9/02/20 12:27PM

One of my friends in high school was the daughter of the guy who owned the toy company that bought and produced/sold the supersoaker. Read more

9/02/20 12:10PM

I’ve hard the third group referred to as “$60k millionaires”. They are living off of credit card debt and genuinely believe that “fake it ‘til you make it” is an effective mantra.

9/02/20 9:58AM

You have to understand, they’re accustomed to working with lizard-people hair.