I can open a bottle with anything bc I’m a drunk. It’s my superpower (and secret weakness!!) Read more

All your Lego people can be rapists and pedophiles already if one uses their imagination. Read more

Ghost is me, I was banned mysteriously from Jez and Gawker so I'm starting over. I was going to use this account for a fake food blog but found out someone was already doing it with the same name. Read more

That one is really me. I got banned on Gawker months ago and Jezebel this week so I started the new gray account to start over. No idea why I was banned. Read more

At first I was sad thinking that Lady Gaga is my generation’s Bowie, but now I’m day drinking and I’m kind of thinking she’d be a rad Goblin King. Read more

Lady Gaga is our generations Bowie I guess [shoots self in heart]. Read more

FORMER sweethearts?! Excuse you, Mr Finger. Read more

The Defenders this time around will be bro heavy (mostly men in it) but in the comics they had all female teams before.

Totally, and I love that Coogler just got the director role too. Marvel is trying to do this thing right and I'm so excited. Read more

Most of the comics seem to draw them like athletes these days, rather than pin-ups or fashion models. I remember in the 90s I was too shy to purchase the comics with women on the cover because they were too sexual and I didn’t want the woman at the book store to think I was a pervert. Read more

I think it probably makes jenkem, but it's worth it. Read more

I'm kind of surprised but then again I spent half the movie with tears in my eyes. Read more

I think it's pretty pussy I can't see men kill each other for my amusement. Read more

Fuck yourself, PC idiot. So naive. We should actually nuke Muslims in every country, and make their urns out of pig hides. And then we should make a spaceship so powerful it can fly to heaven and nuke Allah. Bleeding hearts like you will doom us all to shanaya law. Read more

I'm stopping reading entirely because I'm a hero. Read more

rza should use half that money to pay assassins to kill Shkreli. Read more

Suck suck suck my balls, Ass Blood. Apologize when this story is bullshit tomorrow or... Make a new burner for kinja to fart out your idiocy. Read more