Pedro S
Monday 11:06PM

Wrongo. The local govt will charge you property tax for the inventory you keep on the ground. And yes, you collect sales tax and pay that back to the state govt. And you pay income tax on the money you make. Owning a business will make you feel raped sometimes… Read more

Monday 9:23PM

I’m guessing you could do 20+ transmissions for the price they are asking over standard used hellcat. And likely just as good or better. Read more

6/16/21 7:29PM

Boooooo!!! The 2004 Tbird is a gem!! This yellow was literally the only color it didnt look good in.

6/16/21 6:25PM

So... practically every era except possibly the brass era?

6/12/21 11:01AM

Right? Carplay and Android Auto also insure that in any car you drive you have the same interface. Its really nice if you rent cars frequently. Having a proprietary interface in every car makes it a pain in the ass.

6/11/21 1:29PM

You underestimate the power of white GoFundMe.  She’s going to get rich off of this. 

6/08/21 8:18PM

Yeah it drives home the notion of “Billionaires could never spend all of their money.” It’s so true that Billionaires leverage that fact to be able to open lines of credit with banks to spend effectively infinite money and even if their companies collapse... they’ll still probably not spend more than the balance of Read more

6/08/21 10:47AM

If I were doing PR for these ultra-rich people, I’d advise them to pay some taxes.  Take steps to reduce them, but make sure to pay enough to impress most people, and enough so that the tax rate isn’t ultra-low.  They have enough money that spending some on taxes is better than buying bad PR.

6/06/21 3:30PM

Dealers, I have a car to sell. It’s in high demand and very desirable. Perhaps you can meet me at the location of my choice? I’d like to develop a relationship with you. We can sit down and talk about how much you can afford to pay me, maybe put it in four handy little boxes labled “CASH”, “lotsa money”, “big moolah” Read more

6/04/21 3:42PM

It is the poor bastards who have to clear up after them that I feel sorry for. Traumatizing ER and Ambulance crews, traumatizing road clear up crews, making innocent passers by who see their corpses and have to call the aforementioned go through all that too. Refusing to wear your seatbelt is not a victimless crime. Read more

6/04/21 11:35AM

I think even with more efficient engines, they’ll struggle to be competitive with Business Class travel on trans-oceanic flights unless they actually can match them on cost per ticket.  The fuel costs per passenger are going to be a lot higher unless the carbon-neutral fuel is a lot cheaper than jet fuel by 2029, and Read more

6/02/21 12:15PM

Agree these new 4 series’ have absolutely no character anymore without that awful grill, which makes me think someone realized they designed a generic car that had zero BMW touches and slapped that thing on in a panic. The previous gen was such a gorgeous vehicle even after all the years it was in production.