Pedro S
Yesterday 10:53PM

Omg, the automatic wipers on the Model 3 are fucking abysmal. I speak from experience. I spend more time pressing the damn wipe button, and there is no ‘manual’ intermittent setting. 

Saturday 11:39AM

And has all of your information. And your addresses data, call history etc. 

Thursday 9:47PM

I know right?? Used RAV4 or CRV was my thought. Done and done. The kid got a freaking Chrysler 200 for chrissakes. He’s not looking for idiosyncratic, he’s looking for Point A-B. 

6/08/21 12:02PM

Love articles like this! My little piece of Star Wars “car part” trivia is the Jedi Training Remote little silver laser emitters are the chrome plated plastic wheels from a 1970's AMT/ERTL van model kit, one that I built as a kid in the early 80's.

6/08/21 11:45AM

I picked up up on that the minute that car showed up on screen!! I told my wife, there is NO WAY that kid would be driving that car! Read more

6/08/21 11:27AM

I agree that the tax code is skewed way towards the wealthy. There is one *small* sliver of how the tax code works, and what the wealthy are using that is in fact something that helps small businesses, and that is being able to offset your losses and gains. Read more

6/08/21 11:16AM

Sadly, I think that ultimately the rich are going to jump onto the end-run on democracy the Republicans are currently engineering, and install a “competent Trumpite” in 2024 who will ensure that a far right administration with full military control and militias instilling fear in the populace, will tamp down any Read more

6/05/21 10:06AM

Omg, if Han were defrosted, saw Qu’ra had a moment, then got refrozen? I’m going to throw my computer out the window.

6/05/21 10:06AM

Like a single light speed jump to Tatooine and drop Han off at Jabba’s doorstep right?? 

6/04/21 12:38PM

My 1988 Ford Aerostar had a digital speedometer that capped out at 85mph. But the numbers kept going if you pressed the dash button and switched it to kph... 

6/04/21 11:13AM

Jet engine efficiency has improved incredibly since the days of the 747 and the Concorde. While high speed travel will burn a lot more fuel, these engines should burn far less fuel per passenger than the Concorde did. Read more

6/02/21 2:15PM

Yeah the battery is actually bigger than the model 3 performance and less range. 

6/02/21 2:13PM

Actually perfect for takeout food so your car doesn’t smell like your dinner the next day. 

5/26/21 10:40PM

This is absolutely what it is. This is such an Elon approach to a solution. Just get rid of a critical component you can’t source, and brand the failure as something innovative.