Pedantic Pontificator
6/08/21 1:50AM

So the thing is, I used to read ZeroHedge, which is a blog written by some sort of financial professional. This was over a decade ago during the financial crisis, when I was angry and looking for explanations as to WTF was going on. Once things started to resolve, I lost interest. Read more

5/18/21 6:04PM

Huh. Maybe I will order one of those Thomson Reuters legal form books. This new boilerplate PR response is totally different from what I learned in school over a decade ago. Read more

5/02/21 4:09AM

Because... we’ll actually listen to her? As opposed to the food service worker, who will just get fired for complaining and immediately replaced. Read more

4/29/21 11:35PM

After reading Mr. Harriot’s interview, I’ve decided that Tim Scott is a politician. A Republican politician who is keenly aware how 24-hour news (and “news”) networks and social media will take a sound bite and run like hell with it. And that’s why he refuses to call a spade a spade. Read more

4/26/21 12:41PM

I mean - at the bare minimum, after white feminists threw Shirley Chisholm under the bus, and the whole “everything is economics” white Bernie Bros crusade (just two of many examples) - modern white Democrats certainly have our fair share of fuck ups to fix. Read more

4/17/21 11:42PM

I sincerely hope you’re being sarcastic. The amount of forced birthers appropriating the language of the pro choice movement is astounding in its hypocrisy alone. Read more

4/11/21 10:17AM

Fuck off, Joe Gutierrez. The only person who should be "riding the lightning" is you. As in the electric chair, you fascist skinhead.

3/03/21 12:18AM

Yup. According to the NYT article I read, it’s not enough for the university to support the dumb song. Alumni were also pissed that all but one of the students walked off the field while the song was playing. They want school administrators to frog-march those kids back on the field and make those kids pretend that Read more