Pedantic Pontificator
6/08/21 6:08PM

While it’s important to keep a can of Raid in case you really need to use it, it’s the nuclear option of insect/arachnid killing. Fun fact - because insects breath through their skin through spiracules, (small pores on the body of an insect), you can kill them through suffocation by simply spraying with any surface Read more

6/08/21 5:09PM

For us it’s bunnies. This time of year the local wild bunnies start having babies and it’s impossible to keep our cats 100% indoors (kids are incapable of keeping doors closed). So, several times a week in late spring we’ll hear a “EEK EEK EEK EEK” and know that it’s time to grab the hamper and catch another baby Read more

6/08/21 2:31PM

I want to say it was a giant huntsman because it had the longer thinner legs than the goliath. I didn’t get terribly close for obvious reasons I just saw it from about 10 feet away. Read more

6/08/21 1:23PM

I’m in the Baltimore area, and these things are everywhere. It’s deafening to go outside, and these things will just fly right into your face like it’s nothing. Read more

6/08/21 1:19PM

Glad you made it out alive. I live on the West Coast so we don’t have cicadas, but we do have those big ass June Bugs (some say they’re Japanese beetles, but I really don’t care. They’re big, blind and loud). One got in the house last summer and the missus, who is deathly afraid of flying insects in general, lost her Read more

6/07/21 8:59PM

And now to sit back and wait for Republicans to condemn Fox News for violating freedom of speech... Read more

5/20/21 11:49PM

I think somewhere in that lump of gristle is some stunted, feral understanding of self preservation. It didn’t speak up about any of his other shit, but it saw Michelle and grunt-whistled NO in his subconscious.

5/20/21 7:18PM

I want to know what Michelle called him because y’all know she must’ve turned the air blue. Read more

5/10/21 5:58PM

also, not the topic, but call center description is apt. anyone who wants to do that should be given the respect we give any other person who works in a hellish environment.

5/10/21 2:28PM

Bringing in the Leslie Jones, Craig Robinson, and Uzo Aduba at the end to tell you to just use Google was friggin great.