Pearl With A Girl Earring
Jun 4

I have yet to interact with anyone who refers to herself and others as “momma” who isn’t completely insufferable. “Mom” and “mommy” and “mama” all seem fine. There's something about the use of the spelling of "momma" that grates on my last nerve.

Apr 17

In Trump’s defense, a phrase that gives me literal shivers to type, Americans have use battle and war terminology all the time when referring to bad things we can’t control as a delusion to think we actually do control the things that happen to us. Read more

Mar 21 2019

So they could shoot people and treat them like idiots at the same time. That's what this is really about. The creepy dumbfucks who get off on shooting other people, in a scenario where they're pretending to kill them. Whoever designed this training and carried it out should be fired and get a psych evaluation.

Dec 2 2018

A family friend told me when I was about 21 that you can have it all but you can’t have it all at the same time and I’ve never forgotten that. It’s so true, especially if your version of “it all” is career and family. Read more

Oct 20 2018

I don’t believe forgiveness is crucial, that’s what religion and moral teaches, but these rules were probably written by abusers for all we know   

Oct 19 2018

The Associated Press reports that the student was initially reluctant to come forward because the sexual abuse occurred years prior, but detectives found enough corroborated evidence after interviewing the three sisters to arrest Knight.”

Gee, I wonder why the girls thought that would be an issue. I am so over this Read more

Oct 19 2018

Literally everything you wrote doesn’t warrant any type of “break” giving. Quite the opposite, actually.

Oct 19 2018

There is literally no more tiresome discussion in music than parsing genre labels. Especially when it’s someone policing TRUE PUNK RAWK! Read more

Oct 18 2018

Heh - you sound like 16 year old me in high school lamenting “posers”. Lighten up, there’s no purity test that allows people to listen to certain music or dress a certain way. 

Jun 23 2018

and Jon Snow are getting married today in REAL LIFE Ygritte’s family castle in REAL LIFE because she is of noble blood in REAL LIFE!!! Read more

Jun 23 2018

People online were expressing such relief that Bourdain had no drugs and alcohol in his system, which I thought was a very odd reaction. Like it would invalidate their grief if he had relapsed. It just made me feel really, really sad actually.

Jun 23 2018

I’m more squinked that he is puffing his chest out at ‘marrying the hottest girl in the world,’ because it makes me feel like he’s in love with the idea, but not the person.  But what do I know?  I’m just a caveman.

Apr 18 2018

Lol you mean the “lets not make it easy to kill people” brand? If that’s unsavory to you then maybe you should learn to remove human flesh from your diet.

Jan 28 2018

Tempera paint..... not tempura. Unless you want to eat that fetus with a dipping sauce.