Pearl With A Girl Earring
Aug 2 2017

Yep. I recognize this is completely selfish, but before all the horrifying animal abuse stories came out, all I could think was how annoying and how much *more* touristy Siesta is about to get after this. Read more

Feb 10 2017

Serious question: has anyone ever described him as worldly? Describing himself as worldly doesn’t count. He’s rich and he has a plane, sure, but “worldly” implies a working knowledge of (and comfort with) other cultures. Read more

Jan 23 2017

18 months ago, probably due to an airtight prenup and that she was likely living a comfortable and reasonably independent life in NYC, while DJT was busy with Russian prostitutes making Trump Tower great again. Read more

Dec 27 2016

RamsEy, with an “E” according to the FB screenshot. Please correct it so we can properly flood search results with evidence of her hideousness from now until the end of time. Thanks Aimee!

Dec 26 2016

I’m increasingly seeing fellow liberals fall into the same fact-free trap that the RWNJs followed in the early Obama years. “Rumor has it”, “I read on twitter that...”, “It seems suspicious that ...”Until the moment he shares something of substance, Tom Arnold is as good as birther-era Donald Trump in terms of Read more

Dec 2 2016

For all the talk of the “liberal/coastal bubble”, the average Trump voter knows shockingly little about the world outside their town. I genuinely don’t believe most of them know enough about the world to understand that his grandstanding could negatively impact their own lives. Other than his substance-free babbling Read more

Nov 26 2016

I’m still amazed at how little investigative coverage was done on Trump’s stiffed contractors. What a huge and obvious target to hurt him with small business people, and yet... nothing? Out of all the things that pissed me off about this election cycle, the media’s weak ass coverage of Trump is second only to the fact Read more

Nov 21 2016

It’s a classically Trump style of ignorance (also common in his base) to forget that other countries don’t need our permission to do business with each other. Read more

Oct 3 2016

Will they keep my review where ranted about a vibrator ($1 via coupon) that wasn’t even worth the dollar? I hope the review lives on, because that dead-motored piece of shit doesn’t deserve to.

Oct 1 2016

This was the most infuriating part. I was struggling not to tear the TV off the wall and hurl it out the window. What an unbelievable piece of trash. How *big* of these guys to move on with their lives.“The buck stops here”?????? Goddamn right you’re no FDR.

Sep 12 2016

Speaking as a recovering Catholic myself, I was sort of stunned at the complete absence of practical — not even critical, for chrissakes — discussion, like “how to apply these values in your life” discussion. They didn’t even bother to come up with agenda fitting distortions to that affect. I was just really surprised Read more

Sep 12 2016

I sat through a (Southern, Evangelical, KJV) bible study with my mother and grandmother last year where the women spent 35 minutes dissecting the word choice of “HARK” and “what the ancients were trying to convey by writing it in all caps”. Reading is not the only missing comprehension ‘round those parts.

Aug 24 2016

It took several re-reads for me to figure out that she’s pissed, in part, because she didn’t get the option to be a housewife, and had apparently built her life around that planned outcome.