Stapleface-Now Hyphenated!
5/26/21 9:39AM

Not likely a waste. Have you priced the premium of one-way vs return? Every time I have I’ve always ended up running empty in one direction. I have yet to run into any instance where one-way made sense financially.

5/24/21 12:56PM

Make sure the sunroof and front/rear drains are intact and not clogged. Once water starts getting into the front driver footwell and the rear hatch, all sorts of shenanigans will light up your dash!

5/13/21 6:41PM

They’re going to need an app and a subscription business model if they expect any investment funding.  And preferably a name that is missing a vowel, such as Trailr.

4/05/21 11:17AM

I have seen this film. The little asteroid will hit the big asteroid and all the Top Scientists will cheer and have a party. Read more

1/08/21 6:19AM

The tweet is no longer available unless.....someone placed it on youtube, yes they did!

1/07/21 3:39PM

Back in 2017 I took this photo at the Boston auto show...

11/20/20 10:37AM

correct take - younger boy just moved to college with a Fit-full of gear..
When I asked him what he’d drive, given the pick of MDX, WRX, SportTrac or Fit, he liked the Fit..
Read more

11/20/20 10:30AM

I’ll 2nd this. Yes, they’re fun to drive, they’re super-cheap to fuel and fix, and they’re amazingly useful.

11/20/20 8:58AM

“A used Honda” this is the correct answer to basically anyone who needs “a car.” And the Fit is great.

11/19/20 4:01PM

OP didn’t state how old he is, but considering that offending his parents is high on his list, age might make a difference as well. Read more

11/19/20 3:52PM

This! The Fit Sport MT is an absolute blast to drive and gets great fuel economy. Parts are a plenty and well the Fit, fits everything!

10/28/20 12:49PM

Whoever came up with the name Red Delicious has a cruel sense of humor.

10/28/20 2:51AM

Why would anyone do that to a 2nd gen? The only viable way to use that back seat is sitting sideways in the first place.

10/18/20 6:40PM

This year’s theme for week four is chocolate, which was a great choice for a softball week, since these people are baking in a vinyl tent set directly under the blazing sun in the middle of July Read more

9/14/20 8:04PM

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I’m a can.