PatFanda will be Aughra for Halloween
3:08 PM

EXACTLY! Going all the way to a 40 band size is hardly inclusive. Up to a 50, maybe. But not 36-40.

3:05 PM

I’d like to know what they’re enjoying, so I’ll do some reading, thanks.

2:43 PM

Capitalism and Patriarchy go hand-in-hand, but Patriarchy has a lot of other partners on his dance card. 

1:54 PM

It’s almost like capitalism and feminism don’t go well together.

1:46 PM

Plus, their product sucks. I tried FIVE times to find a bra that fits from their site. Tried one, sent it back, got a new size, sent it back, got another size etc. Sure, I’m a 36...F? G? (It’s a mystery sometimes), but not a single bra fit. Cups cut into my titties and made double boob, then the band wouldn’t fit. I

1:35 PM

I would also like to point out that the FB ads for this company popping up in my feed constantly tout their inclusive size range. It wasn’t until recently that they carried more than two styles above 40, and it’s still limited. Their touted “1/2 size” range phases out above a B cup around 36 as well.

1:30 PM

The one time that I checked out third love, they didn’t have my size, they were out of stock in my size. I’m a pretty average size so I was like… OK? Not so revolutionary.

1:12 PM

As a shy girl who cleared 6'1" in high school I have heard enough insults, backhanded compliments, and “at least it’s better than being short” comments to last a lifetime....and I still get them. This week alone I was minding my own business in check-out and the woman behind me asked if I wore men’s clothes because

12:34 PM

Yes, if you’re over 6 foot (or even near it) and female you hear shit about it ALL THE TIME.  This isn’t some contrived scenario for a teen rom-com.

12:25 PM

I watched this last night. I disagree with the assesment that the bullying she receives is unrealistic. In fact, the part I found more unrealistic was that once she decided to wear makeup and do her hair, that one of the popular boys who had previously mocked her was like “actually never mind, I’m into it”, pretty

12:17 PM

it’s hard to believe anyone would mercilessly bully this extremely beautiful girl who wears her hair in a ponytail (gasp) and doesn’t wear makeup (double gasp).

12:10 PM

I’m confused. Being over 6 foot as a girl is something that people are super self conscious about, because they are treated differently both romantically and by their peers. Even attractive women over 6'0 are often crippled with self consciousness. Many men want nothing to do with dating them, there’s a lifetime of

11:35 AM

Zoey Quirkybangs dating a semi-melted Don Jr is truly one of the weirdest and deeply cursed celebrity couples I’ve ever witnessed.

11:20 AM

She is legit awful and has yet to prove otherwise.

11:01 AM

What she did/is doing is just shitty behavior, and is falling into the stereotype of bi people being ‘slutty’ (ugh, and this is close to slut-shaming fml).
I’m bi, and have been in a hetero relationship for fifteen years, primarily because I truly love my husband, but honestly it was just easier to maintain than a

10:50 AM

If it’s true that Miley blindsided him... maybe that is the best thing for him in the end. Such a slap in the face, such finality, will maybe save him from getting back together with her again.

9:13 PM

My friend is a professional make-up artist and she did such an amazing thing for me this week: She showed me how to start applying make-up, and it made me feel so beautiful! I’m still too daunted by the task to do anything myself aside from the most basic look so she prettied me up properly, we both agreed that we

5:18 PM

It’s finally happened! After 12 years of waiting, I got my voucher for subsidized housing! I’m super thrilled and slightly panicking. I can’t afford to move until I sell my RV, but I can’t sell my RV until I have someplace to move. I feel a little stressed about it, but I just keep reminding myself that I’ve done