PatFanda will be Aughra for Halloween
3:24 PM

41st and Bellefontaine and they’re asking $65K!? I bought my house for roughly $80k, it has the same number of bedrooms and baths, and is larger by 300 square feet. Mine also is in a school district that doesn’t regularly lose accreditation, has grocery stores within 2 miles and shopping/nightlife within one. Also?

4:00 PM

For me, the art installation read as closure, but only because she showed up. If it had just been a replica of the Resolute desk and those sheaves of printed emails it would have been a very different, much weaker, piece. Like here she is, in this shitty facsimile of reality that we all are now forced to inhabit,

4:54 PM

Fizzgigs are great and everything, and I would certainly adopt a herd of them if needed, but for me its all about the landstriders. I love them, their fed-up faces, their “ugh, fine” walks... they speak to me.

2:29 PM

I hadn’t heard much about this, but just from that article I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. Anytime we have a major breakthrough that makes things ‘so much easier’ or gives researchers ‘plug and play’ access, there have been new foundational ethical guidelines created afterwards. But I don’t do anything in

2:11 PM

I wanted so say ‘vote for effective leadership’ and ‘advocate for the change your community needs’ but then I thought about the state of things generally and my final answer is ‘burn something down.' So. 

9:32 AM

That is awful, my Ham friend. If you don’t mind me asking, what state do you work in that has such ridiculous rules? One of the main things I enjoyed about my former employer is that they mandated wellness days and required at least a once-yearly check in with one’s personal therapist. Data they collected just within

9:10 AM

Ya know what’s really frustrating to me about the example that you just shared? There is a school of therapy that promotes empathetic listening, and the clinician sharing anecdotes of their own that mirror what the patient is working thru. Feminist Therapy Institute was collaborated at Radcliffe in the 70's and

1:29 AM

Ahhhh! Yes! And we have longitudinal studies to back that up. Kaiser Permanente’s ACES study was done in the freaking 90's and was kicked off by a statistician’s discovery that the majority of overweight patients who couldn’t seem to keep weight off ALSO had traumatic childhoods and a multitude of other health