Wednesday 9:46PM

Watch the video, they explain how sailing tack works much better than I ever could. They use air speed over the sail like it’s a wing. 

Tuesday 10:51AM

Yeah but he wouldn’t hit me because I’m not a woman.

Tuesday 10:49AM

Huh, so Celebrity Deathmatch had it right. This is a weird timeline.

Tuesday 10:45AM

If Mayweather could read this, he would be so mad at you right now.

6/04/21 4:13PM

I don’t know enough about the book to know if any parts (not the mob in the forest) was inspired by real events, but smokejumping is one of the most dangerous professions and becoming more prevalent with the increased drought in the west. A friend of my family’s, a Forest Service smokejumper named Tom Hart died last Read more

6/04/21 11:36AM

Alright so the obvious question, Dead Space Trilogy Remastered when? In this time of remasters, remakes and legendary editions, Dead Space was a truly incredible survival horror game, skewing more towards the earlier Resident Evils, without being as actiony as RE4, which I loved, but was an obvious departure from the Read more

6/04/21 11:29AM

That looks fantastic. Now, someone needs to cosplay as a Necromorph with the same attention to detail. Read more

6/04/21 10:33AM

Second that sentiment. I think I’ve replayed the first game a half a dozen times, but have only made it through 2 twice. Just didn’t give me the fizz in the same way. It didn’t allow as much space between encounters to let the dread settle in nicely. Still a great game though. I own 3 but haven’t had the heart to Read more

6/03/21 1:54PM

Well, I think we found the archetype for “bro country fan.”  Also, I’d bet a crisp $100 bill that he drives a lifted bro-dozer that has never seen any surface less pristine than a mall parking lot.

6/03/21 1:28PM

White folks kill me with their self-appointed and unwanted deputization of unknown authority. I find it ironic that they wanted to protect the children but then used words that they probably don’t want their kids to use - hard to tell with them as they get cussed out by the kids starting usually around 6-7th grade. I Read more

6/03/21 1:23PM

That is the look and posture of a man who understands he’s one comment away from catching hands for a whole group of Karens. lol Read more

6/03/21 12:12PM

“clueless, hueless and now-swimming pool-less” and “Gentrifier from the block”.... Read more