6/01/21 4:29AM

That kid is almost certainly doomed. Lori as the mom, yup doomed. She covered up a murder too. I guess prosecutors aren’t really a thing in small towns? And not enough Dylan getting shot in the face or beaten within an inch of his life for being a violent shitbag. I don’t care one iota if he dropped off some cash. He Read more

5/24/21 5:57PM

I still refer to them as the FOUR TEEN THOU SAND Bars, thanks to you! I think it still irks Allison a slight bit, but she and her hubby are a bunch of lawless (but DAMN Talented!) kitchen pirates anyway. Read more

5/20/21 11:02PM

A big part of the problem is that much of the aging infrastructure was built decades ago during the last big federal funding period. This included local, state, and federal building programs. We haven’t had that sort of supportive spending in a long time and many states simply cannot afford, or at least they don’t Read more

5/12/21 11:00PM

Pretty much what I’ve heard too. It’s just so easy to wipe or put a little oil in before you go and the results seem to always work a bit better. I need to buy a pump oil sprayer, which is on the endless list of shit I need to buy...

5/08/21 6:09PM

I’ve obviously never done it either, but I always swipe at least a bit of oil in the pan and the manufacturers usually recommend it too. The Green pan I recently bought touts that you can dry cook in it to save on the calorie count, but they still say that some oil will add to the lifespan of the pan overall and produc Read more

5/08/21 3:30PM

Perfect timing. I just made some cheese bread in my bread machine last night and this is enough to push me into this ‘French toast (Monte Cristo) double cheese grilled cheese direction. Read more

5/07/21 10:36PM

I’ll admit to being in a Subway recently and saw this very bag in the toaster thing and sure as shit the employee threw it in and pulled it out by hand and actually said ‘That burns!’ and shook her hand a bit. I’d never seen them do anything like that before, so I actually noticed it and quickly wondered why the Read more

5/06/21 7:48PM

Sounds tasty AF, but since there is sticking I think maybe a good pre-wipe of your pan with the oil of preference using a paper towel might help? Or not. Some non-stick pans don’t like commercial spray oils for whatever reason, so I’d avoid that method (unless you have your own pump oil sprayer). Read more

5/03/21 4:33PM

Thanks, I figured as much. Now I’m going to jump into a rabbit hole learning about this sugar as a liquid ingredient thing. Maybe this could be part of an interesting future article about ingredients and baking...or something along those lines? Very Interesting! Read more