Dec 17

I loved the books because my mother couldn’t afford the dolls. It was reading and learning and entertaining and fun--all at once.

Dec 17

Yes! I had the books before I ever got one of the dolls and I still have the books. I re-read some of the Samantha ones as an adult and realized that the Nellie story lines have strongly informed my political views. 

Dec 17

I loved my doll so much when I was a kid. I took it everywhere, slept with it every night, and read the books over and over again. For some reason I don’t quite understand I read the catalog cover to cover every time it came. I mean, the content didn’t really change but I was an addict, I guess. Read more

Dec 17

Mattel didn’t understand that the historical stories were a large part of the attraction of the dolls.   

Dec 13

Sanders has a cultural blind spot. Of course, he opposes ethnic, racial, gender and identity bigotries, but he’s got the practical perspective of a childish libertarian who wants to pretend that none of that shit matters and is better off ignored. That if we become too focused on demanding cultural equality, we Read more

Dec 13

God forbid we question whether an apology is actually “heartfelt” when they have continued to display the very behavior they are purporting to apologize for. 

Dec 13

How this guy escapes being lumped in with the dirt bag left is mind boggling. The people in my feeds who tend to share his videos have some pretty shit takes themselves.

What I find more troubling that Bernie’s poor messaging of backing this edgelord is the apparent lack of people within his campaign stopping him from Read more

Dec 13

No part of me believes that Bernie has any interest in doing better. He’s made it perfectly clear that he’s not interested in confronting racism and sexism in specific ways.

Dec 13

Half a lifetime ago? Cenk said some of this shit 5 years ago. Just because he endorsed Bernie and Bernie endorsed him doesn’t make him a GOOD candidate. Especially to take over a seat vacated by Katie Hill. It’s shameful.

Dec 11

Belgravia existing on this map is much, much more disturbing than even the basic scariness of a Netflix Cinematic Christmas Universe. Vanessa Hudgens quite literally watches ‘The Christmas Prince' on Netflix in Belgravia! Are we meant to believe it's an in-universe DOCUMENTARY???

Dec 2


one of my other favorites is Desperately Seeking Santa, where a lady mall executive who has an evil boyfriend is tasked with making her mall produce more money!!! Obvious solution? Sexy santa contest! Of course, she falls for the winner of said contest—-but plot twist: her evil mall Read more

Dec 2

I love the Spirit of Christmas mainly because the ghost is the hottest of all Netflix’s holiday male leads.

Nov 27

The second best thing about it is the access to the Disney Channel shows I loved in my youth—Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, etc Read more

Nov 13

I’m on Dessen’s side here, but I still think this is probably a great idea for all famous and semi-famous people.