Dec 11

This is so funny because my literal first thought was “Holy shit, Aldovia’s huge!” when they showed the map. I was totally expecting a Princess Diaries-type location. Read more

Nov 27

My boyfriend didn’t believe Gargoyles was a real show when I tried to explain it to him. Disney+ proved me right!!!

Jul 23 2019

My guess was Marianne Williamson using it to reference some woo woo theory about holistic poo.

Jun 14 2019

During the summer between 7th and 8th grade, I decided I was going to start calling everyone at school “hon.” I don’t know why. I’m not Southern. I can’t for the life of me explain how I came up with “hon,” but I think I just wanted to be known around campus for having a “thing.” And my “thing” would be calling Read more

Jun 4 2019

Yes! I went in with pretty low expectations, but by the end I was completely hooked. I’ve always loved Elton John’s music and there were several scenes that gave me goosebumps throughout the movie (I think Crocodile Rock—which I’ve usually just thought of as a silly song—was done soooo well). I also thought Taron Read more

May 30 2019

I really do like LaCroix a lot, but recently I’ve been getting Spindrift’s sparkling water with lemon at Trader Joe’s instead. The flavor seems a little less artificial?

Apr 26 2019

That show is so good and I was cringing the whole time watching it because it hit so close to home.

Apr 19 2019

What didn’t I do to get the attention of my childhood crushes? There are so many cringy stories, but I think one of my favorites was when I convinced my group of friends in middle school to all take turns licking the same Blow Pop. I made sure to lick the Blow Pop right after my crush did so I could get his saliva in Read more

Apr 9 2019

Whenever people ask me what kind of men I’m into, I point them to Brad Leone. He’s cute, goofy, a great cook, and has the perfect scruff. Literally the exact type of dude I’m into. Read more

Apr 4 2019

Yes! The Flintstone house! I used to love driving past this house when I lived in the Bay Area. Leave the old lady alone!

Mar 15 2019

There were a lot of LGBTQ rights rallies/protests in California in 2008-09 following the passing of Prop 8, and luckily I had awesome parents who would drive me to them before I had my licence. The protests allowed us to work through our feelings of anger, sadness, and rejection after Prop 8 was passed by voters, but Read more

Dec 21 2018

I would posit that those two things are absolutely related and important details, though. Putting the MAGA hat in his dead mother’s casket and obsessively stalking a woman who is not interested are both signs that he felt the right to control the women in his life.

Dec 18 2018

I don’t really get the Corden hate? I mean, he’s a little over the top sometimes, but overall I enjoy a lot of the bits on his show. Also, both the Michelle Obama and the Paul McCartney Carpool karaokes were delightful. I’ve never been a huge Paul McCartney fan, but that segment literally made me tear up and go back Read more

Nov 9 2018

I haven’t been to any weird bridal showers per se, but the most recent shower I went to was organized by one of the bride’s roommates. Said roommate demanded everyone pay attention to her and did not stop talking about herself for 45 minutes. Topics included going on a rant about her recent break up as well as giving Read more

Nov 9 2018

Considering that I haven’t fit in any of their bras since I was like 13 years old, this does not surprise me in any way, shape, or form.

Oct 26 2018

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve seen Kim Kardashian in person in LA and the butt in the photo is 100% photoshopped. Her butt in real life is so hugely disproportionate that it makes her body look very strange when looking at her from the front, almost like an alien. They’re able to edit her show/photos of her to Read more