10/03/19 6:37PM

I can see that the Je... AMC General David recommended is ready to get those pizzas out there. 

3/04/19 4:34PM

1st gear:

They should make the next car 85% smaller than the Model 3 so that normal people can actually afford it. 

12/24/18 1:34AM

As a ball conosieur I have to disagree. From rowing gears, to putting them in my mouth, ballsacks are way more fun.

12/20/18 2:14PM

Great read! Never had heard of Amati until now. It’s fascinating to consider how many projects went by unnoticed and un-missed by the public. 

11/09/18 4:12PM

I just want to thank you guys for what you do. Especially for being seemingly open about accepting everyone into the Jalopnik family regardless of who the are. Sometimes as a gay man it’s hard to get into groups that have predominantly “male” and “masculine”. You guys really make it comfortable for us.  

5/23/18 1:46PM

I was scrolling down the page and when I passed this:

5/10/18 6:09PM

$kay’s browser history: Sexy sloth; sloth on car; sloth bikini;

4/20/18 2:47PM

A lot of these people are taking such long loans because they don’t have the cash to put down... Meaning they also don’t have cash to invest.

2/16/18 4:56PM

YEAH so happy my share made it onto the site :D Thanks Kristen!

2/15/18 10:29AM

This is actually a feature of the Touareg... When you break down in the middle of nowhere you can survive for several days on the water that has accumulated in the rocker panels. Das Wasser

2/14/18 3:22PM

I’m pretty sure this is how that race is going to end up.

2/10/18 1:04AM

Soooo I want to apologize for being rude to you. I still feel like this whole conversation was unnecessarily aggressive but we shouldn’t be pitting ourselves against each other. But yeah, I’m sorry for being an asshole. You’ve made a lot of good points. I don’t know if you’ll get this, but I hope you have a good Read more

2/08/18 11:23AM

Yo, like, as one queer man to another, can you shut the fuck up and leave it alone? You’re causing all this strife and just getting everyone angry over some stupid shit.
1: Not only did you assume Magus’ sexual orientation, you’re treating that person like a piece of shit over something that they were trying to be Read more

12/07/17 4:38PM

Kristen’s link for the 3000GT goes to her article about the new “Eclipse”. Can’t tell if joke, or actual mess-up.