2/25/20 5:11PM

I’m glad they realize the biggest problem is regulation and oversight. Tesla is going to do whatever they want as long as it’s legal. Read more

2/25/20 5:10PM

Good. It’s absolutely insane how long Tesla has gotten away with being irresponsible with autopilot. Even the name it self is irresponsible. Because of the name and all the ridiculous “self-driving” marketing Tesla pushed very hard at the beginning (including videos from Musk showing a car driving itself down the Read more

2/25/20 5:09PM

I don’t want people to die in autonomous cars. Do I think that more people will die in (because of) autonomous cars before the tech gets better? Yes.

2/20/20 4:30PM

must have just come back from the bathroom, they have one of those Magic Eye posters in there

2/19/20 9:21AM

Stupidity is not the same thing as immorality.

2/19/20 9:16AM

People screwing over banks, ABSURD! It should always be the other way around. Maybe they could go get a bailout about this?

1/17/20 4:44PM

Alanis is leaving? Damn shame, I love her articles and takes (minus her food ones). An incredible talent that will sorely be missed. Read more

11/13/19 3:26PM

I did not watch, please send me your username and password for Disney+(tm) so I can see the episode and perhaps agree with you.

11/12/19 1:07PM

“Good Tires”, Bob mused, casually lighting a cigarette, “But certainly not great tires.”

11/08/19 3:09PM

I can’t really fault people for taking on bigger-sized pieces of luggage because checking it costs an arm and a leg now... but also plenty of airlines do free gate-checks now. Take advantage of it, y'all.

11/08/19 12:20PM

It’s rare for people to experience Virgin a 2nd time.

11/08/19 12:17PM

Person next to me pulls out a whole avocado from his bag; bites into it and tears a ~1" hole in the outer skin (spits/discards skin somewhere); then proceeds to eat the entire avocado by a combination of squeezing and sucking the insides out through this hole. This is in the first 15 minutes of a 5 hour flight.

10/29/19 4:50PM

The Social Safety Net never failed, it was never improved upon. much like the US Constitution, we never put in the work to make it better and just allowed it to die on the vine. Read more