May 15

So, I’m really confused about the attitude towards Michaela I’ve seen online practically everywhere - Read more

Oct 10

I mean, “hilariously unrealistic” describes everything having to do with CatCo on this show.

Sep 6

It’s almost like that wasn’t the real problem they had with this Starfire!

Sep 6

After all the whaling and gnashing of teeth over Starfire not being orange, you’d think there’d be more of an outcry over blonde Garth from the comics purity crowd.

Sep 2

Fuck, that movie was so good. Spinel’s anger was understandable, and the fact that she was basically a 30's cartoon character was really awesome too. Read more

May 20 2019

I didn’t watch Supergirl this year (well, not much, saw some early episodes). The hamfisted way they were trying to use ‘aliens’ as a hopelessly clumsy metaphor wasn’t the only reason - I think the show’s always had problems and the second half of last year went really, really wrong - but it was a part of it.

May 6 2019

Naively watched this thinking it would be similar to Bojack, so took me till the third to really get into it, but I’m glad I did. Read a negative review somewhere. The person seemed to hate everything I love about this show.

Apr 22 2019

Speaking as someone who’s covered politics for 20 years, Jonah Ryan terrifies me. I find his mindless, toxic fear-mongering a dangerous addition to our already divisive political climate. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be live with exclusive coverage of Congressman Ryan’s rally in Youngstown, Ohio. Only on CNN.

Apr 21 2019

I already knew and loved that Active Child song and had mixed reaction. On one hand, I was taken out of the moment because I know and love the song, on the other, I thought it was a great song choice for the moment and hoped viewers who weren’t familiar with it would notice it and send some money Active Child’s way Read more

Mar 21 2019

Agreed! Scientology was clearly the punchline for that “Dad found a new religion” joke

Feb 22 2019

Raises a glass and remembers ‘Life’