The Delta Blues

Nope, screw “mouth feel,” aspartame tastes gross. Grody gross gross gross.

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I could have sworn “Gay Robot” came from one of Nick Swardson’s stand-ups. Granted, Nick is a part of Happy Madison so Adam’s involved but I wouldn’t call it his. And it’s been a while since I’ve seen 8 Crazy Nights and Strange Wilderness, but I did like them when I saw them (Strange Wilderness got me laughs simply

He can’t explain away the tampering with the tracking collar. The moment he saw that, he knew he was culpable. Read more

Pale, passive rage. It is what we do here.

Why do all the stories say he killed the lion with an arrow? According to most reports, he WOUNDED it with an arrow, tracked it for nearly two full days, and finally finished it off with a rifle. Read more

Hunting deer in season is one thing. Trophy hunting endangered animals is very much another. The douche deserves all the crap he’s getting.
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I live 10 minutes from his office. People here are fucking PISSED. Read more

Uh, what? When have I ever endorsed British colonialism? Colonialists can get fucked, too. Read more

When will charges be pressed? When will he be outed? We want his name, his home address. This guys life as he knew it needs to be over, yesterday. Read more

Trophy hunter truthers who think that this kind of shit helps animal conservation are absolutely the fucking worst. Read more

“will create a job...” ...in China. Read more

That’s Duane playing slide on his SG - Read more

DONE! Tossed my computer into the wall!!! Read more

X-files. Though I think a change in cast and putting the alien conspiracy to bed even earlier might have saved it. There were hints in that last season of a proto-Fringe type show with weirdo sci-fi eps of the week that could have been a worthy successor to the X-files had the Powers that Be had the guts to make the

I love, love, LOVE me some Futurama.... but by the final season (the final-final one), it was clear that the show needed to wrap things up lest it become the Simpsons all over again.

Too bad they can’t find a way to take advantage of the heat below the park level and capture that for use in heating the nearby buildings, both air and water. Read more

She’s an Olympic gold medalist and was on the Wheaties box forever, this isn’t her “15 minutes” Read more