Oct 28

Well, look, I’m not an expert on hookers. But I got a buddy who is, and he says $2M is good enough for at least 2 chicks at the same time and a whole week’s worth of the good powder.

Oct 27

I’m curious as well how this helps. There was already a bit of exclusivity due to the crazy cost of these bikes and the bad reputation associated with the brand (and its riders). As well as, from a former Buell rider’s point of view, terrible parts and service from the dealers.
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Oct 27

If they can’t make anything appealing to those markets at a price they can still profit from, it’s really easy to see how it helps. Those developing markets are not a good spot to try to sell a Harley, they’re expensive in one of the richest places on Earth, I can’t imagine how many years’ salary those would cost in a Read more

Oct 27

Presumably those aren’t growth markets, at least not in the volumes to justify the expense of a presence. I’ve worked with companies in the past that were dying but for some reason held onto underperforming locations or service lines out of some misguided hope that things would turn around (hint: they never do, absent Read more

Oct 27

To be fair (cue Letterkenny chorus), Harley has earned the reputation it has for a reason.

Oct 22

Justin has the right take. Put some new rubber on that Transit and you’re solid. Read more

Oct 15

Dude needs to keep the Rondo for his daughter and get himself something new. 2008 cars were plenty safe and the Rondo is plenty ugly, so no concerns if she enhances its appearance by cutting it a bit too close in a parking garage. Read more

Oct 7

I found out a bit ago...if you have your browser non-maximized, then narrow it down enough...the slideshow page turns into a normal scrolling page.  Really useful, and saves clicking!

Oct 5

It would be self defense. This fucker should have been quarantined and never allowed to leave the hospital. A friend posted something on Facebook that “he just wanted to go home to die.”  I hope so, but I think it’s more likely he just couldn’t bear to be out of the spotlight for that long. 

Oct 5

Wasn’t the entire purpose and spirit of the toyobarus to be a canvas in which YOU can easily work on? It provides you with a base that is the bare minimum of acceptable, under the assumption you’d be wrenching on it yourself? Read more