Who’s that dude who looks enough like Sting to make you say “is that Sting? That probably isn’t Sting” and try to find whether or not Sting is still wrestling and not find any answers? Read more

I remember Skies of Arcadia

Shame, this was easily my favorite weekly Kotaku column :( Did not realize I’d wake up today and read my last one, nothing gold can stay I suppose... Read more

I’m sad to hear that the column is ending. I have mark my weekend’s beginning by its sudden, reliable, presence on Kotaku Saturday Mornings. It brought articles to me that typically expanded on trends that other game blogs were covering, which I enjoyed.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
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too bad! this was my favorite regular Kotaku column :( Read more

We started running This Week In Business in 2011. For eight years I’ve gotten a kick out of working with Brendan Sinclair, James Brightman, Steve Peterson and others from the Industry Gamers and Games Industry sites, past and present, to bring interesting games-business-oriented stats and quotes to our readers. Read more

Yeah other people are pointing it out as well but the problem with early access is customers plus developers together aren’t really good at working towards a common goal. Read more

So, isn’t this the point of early access though? The game isn’t supposed to be in a finished, fun, playable state.  It’s early access to help test features and weed out bugs. I think as a community we need to re-assess what early access means (also, Fortnite is apparently still in early access? wha)
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Perfect. It’s not a bug. It’s called the quickening and Brogadyn is very clearly a Highlander.  Read more

I am Reefguy007 from Reddit, one of the two creators. I just wanted to say thank you Mike for sharing our creation on Kotaku, it means A LOT! Read more

Came here to agree with this comment. The internet is a better place when you’re writing Fahey! Read more

Hope you're doing well Fahey.  Glad to see your name on Kotaku again.   Read more

I love you for saying Dot Hack and not Sword Art Online
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That was my first thought too! Glad to see more games taking inspiration from more varied sources! Read more

He’s gonna have to use the old chew it up and spit it out method though. Read more

But we all promise to be really supportive of Elder Fahey if he’s unable to snacktaku because of his high blood pressure, right? Right everybody?... <sniffle>  Read more

Welcome back, Fahey. I’m absolutely certain my usual bloviations wouldn’t do what I want to say justice, so I’ll just say this:

You’ve been missed, sincerely, the entire time you’ve been away, and this community did not feel whole without you. You’re a goddamned boss for clawing your way back from what you suffered, Read more