6/07/21 5:04PM

Mixer was pretty great overall, and the situation with Shroud and Ninja showed that viewers care more about watching something on Twitch than watching their favorite streamer.  It was interesting to see.

6/07/21 4:51PM

In addition, Maresca specifically noted that this offer only applies when subscriptions are purchased on desktop, and recent usage statistics suggest that around 80% of Facebook users are mobile-only. Read more

6/07/21 4:36PM

I still have my account, but only because a couple of my clubs and local game stores only provide updates via FB. They’re sorta stuck in that in-between space where Twitter requires too much activity and Discord would kill any visibility.

6/07/21 4:15PM

Shroud and Ninja didn’t pull the same numbers at Mixer and they’re two of the biggest streamers ever. And Mixer wasn’t even a shitty social media platform crawling with boomers and racist uncles that’s largely irrelevant for anyone who would be a streamer’s audience. And the deal is only for 1.5 years. You’d have draw Read more

6/07/21 3:56PM

Lol, the main demo for streamer viewership doesn’t have Facebook. I don’t know anyone in my friends group who is still on FB and I’m 37. Most of us deleted or let our profiles grow dusty. I can only imagine it’s doubly worse for the young millennials and gen z folks. 

6/03/21 7:15AM

They’re not even that. At least when I buy a cool cape in a video game I can show off my cool cape. When someone buys an NFT all they have is a receipt that they paid a bunch of money for.  ‘Cause that’s all that an NFT is, proof that you paid money for the NFT.  

6/02/21 9:52PM

The wealthy are powerful enough to set in systems and red tape to prevent the poor from getting wealthy. Whenever a truly innovative idea that has the potential to make money without their involvement arises, they will quickly shut it out.
Read more

6/02/21 8:45PM

And that’s the essence of it, really. The people who created the NFT bubble did exactly what they came to do, the rich got richer and so on and so on.

6/02/21 8:21PM

“When should we see returns?”
“Oh, in about 6 months in the form of a corporate hack and or terrorist event.”

6/02/21 7:55PM

It wasn’t even really commissioning art though that’s the absurd thing. It was typically idiots “buying” something that had already been on the internet for years and can be reproduced in moments indefinitely by anyone.

6/02/21 7:46PM

The fact that people were making this whole thing as some kind of “innovative” and “door opening” phenom, even though it was literally just buying art with extra steps, was all the red flag I needed to see.

Especially as freelance artist, it’s weird how many people were like “this is going to be a big win for the art Read more

6/02/21 7:37PM

inb4 the Crypto-nerds show up and give us a healthy does of “umm, ackchewally”.

5/29/21 11:26AM

Komala has a unique ability, comatose. It’s treated as asleep without actually having the status condition, so it can use moves that usually require you to be asleep, like Sleep Talk and Snore. It also can’t be afflicted by many status conditions, so it’s immune to burn, freeze, poison, and paralysis.

While this Read more

5/29/21 10:58AM

You make it sound like being asleep is a bad thing, but then I don’t have to listen to anyone’s stupid crap about masks or conservatism or jerks acting like chick-fil-a is the best thing ever.

5/20/21 1:21AM

Aortic dissection causes blood to seep inbetween the artery wall layers, causing them to separate and eventually burst open in a way that’s incredibly hard to mend and heal from. It can happen really fast with no prior warning. It’s not really a heart condition exactly. Read more

5/19/21 4:39PM

That’s only part of the story. He eventually fights Sagat and wins... Because Sagat throws the fight. This is after Sagat learns to let go of his desire for revenge for losing at Ryu’s hands. His anger was consuming him and he saw that same anger in Dan so he let the poor guy catch a W so that maybe he could finally Read more