6/03/21 1:50AM

And that’s the most wonderful irony of all when it comes to Cryptocurrencies and their off-shoots: their value as a monetary unit is rated entirely by the exchange rate you get converting it to filthy fiat money. The irony of that will never not trigger my schadenfreude receptors.

4/10/21 1:51AM

If what you’re saying is true I wonder if the thing that got them a renewal in 2019 was the live-action Robotech movie they never managed to make. One of the last updates I could find on that production was the current directors stating that they had everything put together except for the hundred million they needed Read more

4/10/21 1:46AM

Am I? The main reason that Harmony Gold have a bad reputation is because they are INSANELY litigious and extremely quick to lash out at people for perceived slights against their trademark. Harmony Gold was notorious in their heyday for repeatedly attacking fansites, and taking the ludicrous position that stores who Read more

4/09/21 6:33PM

I was given to understand that the 2019 renewal of the license for the Macross IP came about because they had basically unlimited unilateral rights to extend their contract, but of course I could be wrong. It’s noteworthy how actually very little the announcement of this agreement actually tells us about what’s going Read more

4/09/21 1:00PM

The best part about that is the release of that game shows how just how weak HG and Robotech are. The game itself was an upscaled port of a disappointing GBA game that they licensed out almost 20 years ago for someone to make based off of an SNES Macross game, and the HD version of the game was only released in Read more

4/09/21 12:42PM

Well, Harmony Gold has never been known for their prudent business decisions…

4/09/21 2:24AM

And they’ve put out a couple of Tabletop games, but Robotech as a brand is still coasting on past glories. Moreover, no successful Robotech thing has come out of Harmony Gold itself in nearly a decade, and there’s not a lot of reason to hope for more. Read more

4/08/21 9:35PM

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. As best as I can figure this is a cease-fire. Big West agrees to let Harmony Gold theoretically release that Robotech movie in Japan, assuming they finally finished make the thing that they’ve been failing to make for nearly 15 years and acknowledge that Harmony Gold does Read more

3/20/21 2:35PM

It’s always disappointing to meet someone who has never heard of the Pistol Shrimp, Claumcher’s obvious basis, which is a the real world animal that hunts prey by snapping its pincer so hard it fires 190 Decibel shockwaves that are hotter than the sun.

3/09/21 11:17PM

It doesn’t count if they don’t have the Mario sound effect for throwing fireballs.

2/10/21 11:25PM

Yeah, they should have really planned ahead when they introduced Twelve as a playable character in 1999. Capcom totally weren’t on the ball.

1/27/21 5:56PM

That little sentence that just says “Name of device ironic.” Slays me every time I see it.

1/06/21 12:39PM

Thank god I didn’t say that. I’d be such an asshole to believe that.

1/06/21 12:38PM

I’ll save you a trip to r/AmIStrawmaningSomeone, the answer is “yes”