Mar 13

Or toss the old device in a lockbox or safe, stored offsite (eg, at a family member or trusted friend’s house). Bonus points if the battery is removable.

Feb 13

You know who would really love a Sonic the Hedgehog movie for adults? 12 year olds.

Nov 3

The very first time the mass public became aware of game developer abuse was the “EA Spouse” letter. How did you get “EA is pretty nice to their employees” from that?

Oct 21 2019

Not that I believe for one second that your dumbass question is in any way genuine, but whatever: we have EXACTLY that mystifying situation happening at work right now. Guess what? EVERYTHING IS FINE. Read more

Oct 21 2019

As an EY alum who was denied a promotion because I was pregnant, then laid off six months to the day after returning from maternity leave, this is the least surprising thing I have ever seen.

Oct 15 2019

This smells like bullshit. Her insta says she’s a journalist for The Daily Beast. On Glassdoor, their average salary for a reporter is $75k (low of $59k, high of $89k). Let’s assume she makes the average. After taxes, 401k contribution of 10%, and paying for health insurance, her take home would be around $3700 a Read more

Oct 7 2019

Since this is obviously a made up story, in order to make it easier for everyone else to separate fact from fiction here, I’ve taken the liberty of going through the entire article and highlighting the things that are obviously make believe so readers coming after me can focus on the aspects of the article that may be Read more

Sep 16 2019

I think you meant to just say, “Elizabeth Warren was previously not Bernie, and is therefore insufficiently Bernie for the Bernie crowd”. The bar that’s set among some of them is pretty much impossible to reach.

Sep 16 2019

If he wants that coveted position with the Steelers he better get a’rapin’!