Feb 13

I have a 5 year-old daughter. Kids’ movies in the theatres are few and far between. Yes, there’s usually a Disney musical every year. But other than that, most kids’ movies are pretty terrible and I try to do quite a bit of research before I’ll let my kid see a movie. Poop joke? Automatic disqualification. Read more

Jan 2

John Boyega talking about laying pipe is crude and needlessly sexualizes characters, showing no understanding of those characters. Read more

Oct 21

All I have to offer is that Driver should track down the photographer of the above picture and keep her/him on retainer. I honestly can’t tell if that photo was taken last year or 50 years ago. But he looks damn good in it.

Oct 17

As a long-time fan of the original Teen Titans, I will never say a bad word about Teen Titans GO!

Oct 10

Feh. My modded install of Skyrim takes up 125GB. And that’s after deleting the download files after installing.

Sep 17

“Sitting on a park bench
Eying little girls with bad intent
Snots running down his nose
Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes, hey, Aqualung Read more