Mar 4 2018

like a 1:10 ratio of positive esports stories to negative ones. It has to be a fundamental problem with the culture of competitive gaming.

Dec 31 2017

Tyyyyllllleeer. I’ve missed seeing you around. Thanks for sharing that. And I hope you’re doing well. =) Happy New Year

Oct 15 2017

Killing Nazis is literally what the game is about. They advertised it as such. Dumb fuck neo-Nazis/alt-right shit heads got triggered at a video game advertising anti-Nazi messages so Bethesda doubled down. There is literally nothing crass about this scenario other than those complaining about the marketing campaign.

Oct 15 2017

The motherfucking President of the United States can’t manage to do this very basic function. In 2017 not being a monster is worthy of applause (I mean this genuinely).

Oct 15 2017

I don’t have any problem with it. Video games are a form of commercial art and art is a great way to address relevant social issues

Oct 15 2017

I mean, how’s is that a bad thing? This entire franchise has always been about killing Nazis, when America is literally being taken over by them it’s not hard for the developers to market it as a stand against them.

Jul 18 2017

One thing people may forget about Kidd because our last memories of him is being old and slow was that he was super quick and athletic when he came into the league, with an awesome first step and could guard anyone. That’s the one thing Lonzo lacks and will be interesting to see how it plays out once he’s playing Read more

Jul 18 2017

The market is artificially depressed. Kirk Cousins isn’t overpaid; Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are drastically underpaid.

Jul 18 2017

I hope Kirk Cousins goes to another franchise and wins a super bowl and Washington continues to never win anything

Jul 13 2017

Such poor planning. No security, or velvet ropes, and you arrange the expensive ass art like a giant game of fucking dominoes. Read more

Jun 28 2017

Welllllll... as Phil Jackson defines the Triangle Offense, it gets a bit more complicated, because basically every player is handed a decision tree. Read more

Jun 16 2017

He didn’t give that Hell in a Cell match 5 stars, he gave that rating to the one between Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker in 1997 (the one with Kane’s debut).

May 3 2017

I’m not a Blazers fan. I’ve never even been to Portland. But for some reason, I LOVED Brandon Roy. He’s one of my favorite modern players, and the way his career ended still makes me sad.