5:47 PM

On the up side, if this turns into another polar vortex winter, a very long/very cold winter tends to greatly reduce the rat population. Read more

5:45 PM

Very cold and the sun today appears to have warmed things up just enough to turn the sidewalks into ice rinks. Not fun for walking dogs - even with ice grips on my boots.

3:59 PM

This, this piece right here is absolutely ‘Golden’ and sets me to wondering if the Honorable Rep. Peter Welch (D) has a bit-of-a side-job as a writer for SNL.

2:35 PM

On the contrary, it’s a good joke because Giuliani has infamously dressed in drag for reasons of dubious merit. See the picture posted above. The joke is a call-out, not a put down.

2:09 PM

The entire problem with workplaces like this is that you become so close to people in your personal and professional lives that you can’t divorce from the fact that someone who is amazing at their job is a shitty person or that a person you like is shitty at their job. Read more

1:39 PM

Lindsey wishes he could look half as good. 

1:23 PM

The Republicans are just presenting lots of completely disproved conspiracy theories to obfuscate and distract from the matter at hand (note they never differentiate between the earlier corrupt Ukrainian government and the brand new reformist govt, crimes against the latter are the only subject of this hearing). Fortu Read more

1:02 PM

Damn, I’ve never seen Lindsey Graham all done up!  That’s bangin’!

12:41 PM

I really get the sense that you all are being reined in. I may be reading too much into things, but two hours into the hearings, this is the full extent of G/O’s coverage of public hearings to impeach the president of the United States...

12:40 PM

The whole last two hours was so damning, the only rebuttal was, “so you’re saying the cell phone was loud enough to hear”.  The Republicans have to get on board at some point and take their party back, this is just awful!

12:29 PM

I know we’re not in a reasonable society, but in any reasonable society, Bill Taylor’s testimony *alone* would be enough to move forward with impeachment...