Jun 25

I would recommend getting a string winder. They are little plastic handles that fit over the turnkeys of the tuning pegs and make the process of winding the strings much easier and quicker. They will run you less than 5 bucks at a music shop, and can often be found next to the strings and picks. Read more

Jun 22

Yes but why can’t the weather app icon actually just show me the current weather and temperature?? 

Jun 17

Any fps veteran who spent more than 5 seconds in PUBG knew it was never going to be #1 with that janky ass movement/gunplay.

May 7

COPPA is the reason for the age restriction. 

Apr 24

It’s good. It’s a hotmail account and it’s tied to my phone app, so any new device or location needs that code or whatever from my phone. Read more

Apr 21

This console would have a much faster cpu

Apr 16

Extremely, profoundly stupid of them to literally just trace over that picture of her. They easily could have used it just as reference and then changed up the wardrobe and facial features a bit so that it wasn’t so clearly her.

Apr 16

I think it would be less about upgrading graphics and more about fixing performance. Even on modern hardware it doesn't run that great compared to other games that look even better.

Apr 14

I’ll agree that having 2 seasons in a row that run overtime makes me a little nervous, but I wouldn’t go shoveling dirt on Fortnite just yet. I think a significant contributor to the latest “doom and gloom” predictions are due to the streaming numbers for Valorant, but even with pockets as deep as Riot’s, they can’t Read more

Apr 7

Additionally, we changed the position of the light bar that will give it an extra pop. On DualShock 4, it sat on the top of the controller; now it sits at each side of the touch pad, giving it a slightly larger look and feel.”

Hopefully that saves some battery life, though the new haptic feedback and audio features Read more

Apr 6

Castle Crashers is timeless. There’s no way it will ever not be fun. I buy it on every platform possible. If you somehow haven’t played it, round up the cat, or your SO, or whoever’s gonna play, and get to it.

Apr 3

Looking forward to finally watching The Wire this weekend.

Mar 19

For crying out loud could they PLEASE just make a Splinter Cell game instead of dragging Sam Fisher’s corpse out every time they want to market one of their Ghost Recon games? There is a strong hunger for it, especially since Metal Gear Solid is all but dead. 

Mar 19

Our local choir performed this version of ‘Over the Rainbow’ three years ago, and it’s really lovely. I’m not a trained singer and can just about sight-read music, and I can tell you that that decpetively simple-sounding ‘doo-do-do’ background chorus work can be a bit tricky. Mess up one sequence or chord change and Read more

Mar 18

I’m not fancy enough to buy a bracket. I just used my Project Fi LEGO to build a support pillar.

I’m not fancy enough to buy a bracket. I just used my Project Fi LEGO to build a support pillar.