8:12 PM

fortnite’s competitive scene seems to be all over the place with their punishments for cheating.  hard to respect it when a player is caught cheating and is given a suspension that barely even makes them have to sit out the next chance for money.  see xif and renaldo last year.

9:56 PM

I feel bad for the kid but he misrepresented his age and that mad him ineligible for prize money. Should he banned from comp, sure that makes sense but picking 13 seems strange.

1:02 PM

Agree, i know there’s some real talent in 343 and they’ve made some halo games that are both artistically and technically impressive but they all feel soulless and i feel like the world has moved on from halo as a core multiplayer shooter. There was a glimmer of hope for me with halo 5's multiplayer when they first Read more

1:06 PM

while i think this is really cool, i can’t help but wonder if the first time i see one will be stashed in the vents of my hotel and or under a bench in a store changing room.

8:54 AM

Good practice to use different passwords but enabling 2FA where available is also a great deterrent if you haven’t already done so.

1:49 PM

You may want to consider checking your email account associated with the Nintendo account for breaches because if they cracked one password or if they have similar or the same password, they can just keep getting in,  it’s like changing the locks on only your front door after getting robbed because they didn’t come in Read more

2:53 PM

even the xbox one x has a 6 teraflop gpu so i can’t imagine they’d put out a console designed to sunset even the most powerful xbox one that would be that much less powerful than it

11:55 AM

Good Luck Jason!  i’ll continue read all your video game related words. 

5:40 PM

Well said, I’m definitely not shoveling any dirt over fortnite but I hate to see it trending down after all the fun I’ve had playing it and most of the problems that people are pointing at lately, I can’t say I disagree. I’m a pretty mid tier player and prior to the sbmm and crossplay changes, I still felt pretty Read more

3:38 PM

most people have already completed the 100 levels required for the battlepass and there was still a minimum of 2 weeks left in the season at this point so this is essentially another month of a season that already has a bunch of pro players and streamers complaining daily about the game feeling stale with no new Read more

7:11 PM

Any news about back buttons or paddles becoming standard? I picked up one of the attachments for my dual shock 4 but it seemed like those were sold out for weeks but after I got it I’ve been reluctant to even use it because pressing buttons with my middle or ring finger seems so weird.

7:07 PM

I so seldom even remember the lightbar but every once in a while I notice it like when it flashed blue and red when cops were on you in gta v

4:04 PM

it’s really good once you divorce yourself from the idea that it’s a“cop show”

2:23 PM

pretty sure POTUS thinks factories are like copiers, where you just have to show it the thing you want regardless of what it is and then you just wait on the other end until your print job is complete.

10:03 AM

i’m aware of how this works, but my point is, they’re selling to a group of people who already feel burned by their initial purchase, offering them a potential fix for free and in the same breath asking for more money for additional content seems skeezy.

10:47 PM

destiny has more casual fans. ghost recon has always had a much smaller, passionate fanbase.