Apr 16

Nah, man, you can tell just from the shape in the gif, that’s a bobcat. They’re surprisingly small, but have a distinct, stocky frame that isn’t particularly similar to house cats.

Apr 15

Man, it didn’t even take that long. When Maximillian shreds through that book and into Anthony Perkins...

Apr 13

This sounds ridiculous but the idea of mashing up zombie and heist movies (two solid genres) is not in itself awful

Apr 13

Now that Christopher Plummer has passed on, I vote we start CGing Tig Notaro into random movies. 

Apr 9

Cheap Trick have a strong argument of being the most underrated classic rock band that’s already relatively well-known. Almost every record has a couple of deep-cut bangers.

Apr 9

Wrong - as a UK citizen I am still working. Well, I’m on an American entertainment website arguing the toss with people I have never met, but in principle I’m working.

Apr 9

Well I had my suspicions myself. I mean a 99 year old man with a heart condition - what are the odds of him just dropping dead for no good reason? Must be Meghan’s fault.

Apr 9

The Guardian or whoever tweeted out asking people to share their “memories and tributes” of Philip and for some reason I just find that bizarre. Read more

Apr 9

So gorgeous. It reminds me a bit of the practical effects used for surreal effect in Spike Jonze’s ad for Apple Home. CG allows for amazing things these days, but there will always be a place for practical effects.

Apr 8

They have all this technology and they couldn’t cryo-sleep everyone for 86 years? You could even rotate a skeleton crew for a year and put them back under. The Colonial Marines got their act together in the future.