Apr 5

We’re talking about 40 years ago, but sentiment on this subject has been moving away from this behavior for longer than that. Read more

Apr 2

I don’t know. Classical music has been around for hundreds of years. We’ve created 5 methods of sharing music in the past 50 years, but there are still people who gravitate towards vinyl. Read more

Apr 1

Today I found out that there is a route to a city I have to drive to on a regular basis that is only an hour longer, and costs less than I pay in gas. Read more

Mar 26

It’s a slog.  That being said, there are some wonderful youtube videos that go over the history in some detail which can be helpful.

Mar 25

Glen seems like the kind of person who’d have been squirreling away pennies for the entire time he was working for Cloud 9.

Mar 25

Part of the finale really does have to address that Jonah’s stalling on moving on from Cloud 9.

Mar 19

If I was to hazard a guess, it’s because for a lot of us of a certain age, Peter Parker is the only super-hero we can really identify with. Read more