When the cases of women throwing babies out of windows pop up, everyone cries in unison: We need better care for mothers! Read more

Why? Is looking at a penis going to kill them? Read more

Of course. White Woman > Black Man. Read more

The man needs help. But fuck it, let’s just shit on poor/black people some more. Read more

You have to be really fucked in the head to view it that way. Kylo Ren reacts that way because of the motherfucking dark side. It wouldn’t have mattered if if Rey were male or female or human or wookie. Read more

You mad that the cops didn’t kill this woman? Read more

Every thing you have said is true. But we are talking about this man, specifically. Read more

They are already fertilized if there embryos. Unfertilized embryos cannot exist. Read more

What? The man is obviously not mentally sound. Read more

Yeah, they sleazy as fuck. But they right about no one remembering former Miss Worlds. Read more

At 24 weeks? For 2 of the most common procedures used for late term abortion there is no difference at all. Read more

Why does the mother have a right to say if a newborn is resuscitated, if the baby is no longer part of her body? Does this right extend to the father? Because he is also a parent. Read more

How is it not an independent organism? Read more

Sure. You’re entitled to your opinion. Read more

I did read it, you didn’t answer them, but it’s cool. Read more

Because infants can’t make the call for themselves. Read more

It’s her body, but the baby can survive on it’s own at 24 weeks. It’s an independent organism then. It’s within the mother’s rights to get the baby out of her, but why does she get to say what happens to it after that? Read more

My guess is that they were not at all caused by the coat hanger. The relatively small baby is protected by lots of amniotic fluid usually. Also, lung, heart and eye problems are EXACTLY what you expect in preature babies. And there is no mechanism of injury by which a coat hanger can damage eyes, lungs and heart and Read more